Cheesecake Factory Nutrition

Cheesecake Factory Nutrition


The Cheesecake Factory is a well known American dining establishment, famous for not only a wide selection of delicious meals, but also the titular cheesecake which the business is known for. The Cheesecake Factory also has a vibrant and exciting history, which we’re going to be taking a look at here.

For the Cheesecake Factory, their story begins in 1940, in the area of Detroit in Michigan. A woman named Evelyn Overton created the original cheesecake using a recipe that she found in a local newspaper. The recipe and the cheesecakes she made were massive successes, so much so that she was inspired to open up her shop and sell her baking brilliance to the public. However, that dream was sadly put on hold so that she could raise her two young children, and the shop didn’t continue. Instead, Evelyn moved her baking equipment back home to her kitchen and began to supply cheesecakes to all of the major restaurants in her area.

This continued until the year 1972. It was then that Evelyn decided, as her children were all grown up and independent, to move to Los Angeles and have one last go at owning their own business. She and her husband used up the very last of the money they had and opened up what was the first Cheesecake Factory. The company grew modestly thanks to all of the hard work and dedication Evelyn put in, and she was soon supplying cheesecakes to a wide selection of eating establishments and eventually offering more than 20 kinds of cheesecakes and desserts.

Despite all of the time and effort which Evelyn expended upon her cheesecakes, it was her son David who created what we know as the Cheesecake Factory today. He opened up an eating establishment himself, to showcase all of the various creations his mother made. In 1978, he opened up the first Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills, providing guests with a wide selection of desserts to compliment their meals. It was a huge and immediate success, and it paved the way for 200 more restaurants, operating all around the world to the same level of brilliance.

Overall, the history of the Cheesecake Factory is one which is varied, plentiful and broad. It’s no secret that the Cheesecake Factory is a huge success regarding popularity and profit, and it started from such a small operation. It’s incredible how one woman managed to do so much, and it’s a perfect example of how anyone can succeed. Evelyn may not have been wealthy, or famous, but she had a passion for baking and talent which was not to be wasted, and she made sure that regardless of what happens, people will always remember the name Cheesecake Factory. Her story is one which speaks volumes about what can be achieved with the right time, effort and money, and is a testament to someone rising and being what they were meant to be.