How to Ship Cupcakes in a Jar

How to Ship Cupcakes in a Jar? Know The Detailed Answer

The world has come a long way when it comes to shipping stuff. An ordinary person can get things from around the world – quite literally – and doesn’t even think twice about it. But what if I could tell you of shipping something beyond most people’s wildest dreams? Cupcakes! In a jar, for that matter!

No, it won’t get all messed up; it’ll be perfectly delicious and a feast to the tongue, eyes, and heart. So how to ship cupcakes in a jar? Read along, and we’ll get to the bottom of things.

Why Even Try It? Surprise!

I’m sure you’ve got loved ones who live all over the country, if not all over the world. What do you send to them when one gets a promotion, is recovering from surgery or did great in college? Of course, something they’ll love and something that’ll stick to their minds as a sweet memory for years and years to come.  

This is where cupcakes come in. A bunch of these creamy, sweet, mouth-watering delights! You’ll be able to share the warmth of your heart with them. Especially if you’ve prepared and packed by yourself, imagine the surprise and joy of your loved ones when they’ll receive this innovative gift of yours! So now you know why …

How To Ship Cupcakes in a Jar?

Follow the following stages step by step, and you’ll be able to pull off the process of shipping the cakes in jars smoothly and efficiently.

Things You Should Collect and Select

Here comes the thing you’ll have to select or collect before starting the whole process. These include jars, containers, insulated wrap bags, shipping boxes, and the shipping service.


Cupcakes in a Jar

First, choose the jars you’ll use to ship the cupcakes. You can use Mason jars, Kilner jars, Mayonnaise jars, or any other type of jars you may see fit.

I prefer Mason jars because they’re the most readily available, you can clean them very quickly, they’re eco-friendly, they’re cheap, and last but not least, their wide mouths allow easy placement of the cakes.


Cupcake Containers

After picking the jar type and collecting them in an adequate number, look for the container you’ll use to ship the jars. Ideal containers should have enough space for putting jars packed in insulated foils, bags, and other filler materials. 

Once placed in the containers, the jars should be in a tightly-packed, compact formation to prevent them from vibrating. So, make sure that the containers you choose are of adequate size and shape.

Wrap Bags

cupcake Wrap Bags

Collect some insulated foil bubble wrap bags. These will act as the primary insulator of the package. Check the foil bags for tears. Because if there’s any, it may ruin the whole thing.

Shipping Boxes

cupcake Shipping Boxes

Next in line are the shipping box, tapes, and stickers. Again, the shipping box should compactly contain the containers of the jar. Thus, there should be enough space to accommodate the jars and not more.

So, buy a flat rate shipper or an adequate size. You’ll have to make the packaging air-tight. Hence, make sure you’ve got an ample supply of tapes; as for the stickers, the brighter, the better.

Shipping Service

Finally, you’ll have to choose a reliable shipping service capable of delivering the goods within two days or less. 

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Preparing the Jars for Cupcakes

Follow the following step-by-step method the prepare the jars and cupcakes.

Step 1: Cleaning the Jars, Packing the Cupcakes, and Freezing Them

Wash and steam all the jars. You may add ganache to provide additional sealing to the jar. Then place the cupcakes into them. Once all of them are stuffed, put them in the refrigerator. One day will be enough. But if you’ve got enough time, make use of it and keep them in the freezer for a more extended period.

Step 2: The Insulated Packing

Use insulated foil bubble bags to keep the jars cold. For a better result, you may use Cool Shield Thermal Bubble Mailers. You should place the jars into the foil bubble wrap before putting the whole thing into the refrigerator. This will ensure better insulation and allow the package to maintain the cold for a longer period.

Step 3: The Shipping

Once you’ve packed the bags in the shipping bags, take them immediately to the carrier. Notify the sides, top, and bottom of the box. You should add stickers marked perishable and fragile on them. All these will give your carrier a good heads-up. 

The Surprise!

Ideally, your loved ones will first come to know of this innovative gift with the bell of the delivery man. But things can go wrong. They might be out at the office or college. And as the cake is perishable, this can end up in an embarrassing foul-up!

So, make sure you know their schedule. If you don’t know, don’t push your luck. Let them know that a gift is on their way. You don’t have to tell them what it is! Thus, they’ll eagerly wait for the pleasant surprise; all the more shock and fun!


If you follow the step-by-step process of packing and shipping, we’ve discussed above, rest assured that your sweet surprise will pleasantly heat your loved ones.

Do I have to freeze the cupcakes before shipping?

You should most definitely freeze the cupcakes before shipping. Freezing will tip the balance in favor of freshness. You should freeze the cupcakes for at least 24 hours before you send them for shipping.

How do I prevent the damage to the cupcakes during shipment?

Ensure that none of the jars have any cracks and that the shipping box is sturdy. Also, surround the jars with sufficient fillers and insulating materials. 

How to keep the cupcakes fresh while shipping?

You must go for the fastest shipping service. In this regard, don’t worry about the money because time is of the essence. You may also stick some ice packs in the box for additional safety.

Final Words

Now you’ve learned how to ship cupcakes in a jar, and you’ll be able to send them the most delicious gift they have ever had. And I can assure you that they’ll look forward to having this delight ever and ever again. 

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