How to Make the Ideal Cheesecake

How to Make the Ideal Cheesecake in Different Ways

Be it a calm winter morning or a pleasant sunny afternoon, certain things blend during all seasons. One of those things is unarguably a cheesecake. You can serve it to anyone and everyone, and they will enjoy the same till they finish every single bit of it.

But for that purpose, you need to know how to make the ideal cheesecake. Yes, that’s right. Adding a few glitches and touches to it does not make it a cheesecake. You will need a proper recipe and should follow the right steps. So, to help you out on that front, here’s how you do it.

 How to Make the Ideal Cheesecake

The Cream

The first thing that you need to emphasize is the cream. After all, it is an essential ingredient that molds the taste of cheesecake. So, the type of cream that you pick needs to make things particularly lush and silky.

For this purpose, you may have to go around looking for the right brand. Although it consumes a lot of time, towards the end, the taste of the cheesecake will make you forget all about it.

The Helpers

Apart from cream, a cheesecake also requires certain other items that will enhance the overall taste of the cake. Eggs and extra yolk are two of the primary helpers you need for the process.

Three whole eggs and some extra yolk will develop the texture and help you to a delicious cheesecake. But you can also decide on the extent or the variety of tastes by choosing between heavy cream or sour cream. Based on what you choose, the rest needs to be added in the right manner.

 Cornstarch Or Flour

Cornstarch or flour can prevent your cake from cracking as it makes things easier to cut clean slices. Doing so will not make critical changes to the overall texture, as starch makes the cake sturdier and firm.

A Water Bath

A water bath isn’t always recommended to be a part of your recipe, but having one will enable you to make the cake a little creamier. Your cheesecake will look and taste delicious, as this method is proven to be effective.

The process is also not that hard since all you need to do is put the cheesecake in a roasting pan, fill it with a few inches of water, and place the contraption in the oven.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you don’t chill cheesecake long enough?

The worst that can happen is that the cake’s texture gets ruined. Since ice crystals start forming at lower temperatures, there’s the possibility of cracks forming. For best results, you should keep it in the fridge for 4 hours. But warm cheesecake also tastes great.

Can you bake a cheesecake without a water bath?

While it’s possible to bake a cheesecake without a water bath, it’s not recommended – because there’s a high chance of the cake getting overbaked or curdled. Lopsided tops and unpleasant cracks on the surface are also equal possibilities.

Why is my cheesecake cracking?

The most common reasons for cheesecake cracking are overbaking and abrupt temperature shifts. This happens when the cake is kept in the fridge immediately after baking as the edges stay stuck in the pan, but the center contracts, and cracks form. It can also happen if the cake gets too dry.

How do you tell if a cheesecake is done?

Your best bet to figure out if the cheesecake is done is to use a thermometer. Just stick it into the cake halfway. If the reading is around 150°F, it’s done.

Why is my cheesecake so dense?

Unless you’re trying to make a classic New York-style cheesecake, dense texture isn’t the best news. Cheesecakes get their smoothness and richness from eggs. Overwhipping the whites or having too many eggs in the mixture risks messing up the smoothness.

Does cheesecake rise when baked?

Cheesecakes are not soufflés. So, no, they aren’t supposed to rise so much that it gets cracked on top. It rises due to over mixing the batter that incorporates unwanted air into the cake mixture.

Final Steps

This is one of those recipes that, if executed properly, can win over even the toughest hearts. So now that you know how to make the ideal cheesecake, make sure to follow the procedure to woo basically anyone and everyone in your life. And when you’re confident on the finished product, feel free to serve it to your friends and family for some feel-good words of praise or just enjoy it on your own (no one’s going to judge).

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