How to Make Buttercream Frosting for Cake

How to Make Buttercream Frosting for Cake? Guideline That You Need

Buttercream is the perfect combination of sweets and flavors that makes a delicious topping for your cake. When you are throwing a party and planning to make cakes, the best idea is to prepare buttercream on your own. But many of us are stuck on how to make buttercream frosting for cake at home.

 Making buttercream frosting was a difficult task until I started using my recipe. Whenever I arrange any quick party, I always try my go-to recipe. This saves both my time and energy. I’m covering a recipe on buttercream frosting that you can try to read on and make a version of your recipe.

How to Make Buttercream Frosting for Cake

Making buttercream is not that hard when you start with all the preparations; when I was a beginner, I used to get nervous while selecting the exact combination. Because making buttercream frosting is all about choosing the right ingredients. As well as take the actual quantity of each ingredient.  

Please have a look at my homemade buttercream frosting recipe. That may help you select the right ingredients, and also, you can have an idea about the measurements. 

Ingredients That are Important and Why


There is no need to say that the first ingredient you’ll need is butter. It is the primary level of preparing buttercream. It works as the base on which you may start frosting. But there are a few tips that you have to reflect on while choosing butter for making cream. 

Unsalted butter will be the perfect pick for this one. Do you know why? 

Sometimes we make some mistakes while mixing the ingredients—especially the amount of salt that causes the most confusion.

If you pick unsalted butter, you can measure the salt in your cake. Otherwise, you have to go with the saltiness level present in the butter. Maybe this is not what you prefer. 


Oh, yes! Here comes the creamy and most enjoyable part of this recipe. The cream works as the next support of frosting or icing on a cake. But it would help if you were cautious while you select the cream. Also, consider the brand you are choosing for creaming.   

From my own experience, I always suggest heavy cream for this recipe. You can also use heavy whipping if you want. It will work the same. Some people may prefer milk instead of using cream. 

Note that milk will not give you the perfect texture as the cream does. But the taste won’t change that much. 


Sugar is the essential element of this recipe as you apply it to sweeten the dish. There are two things to consider while measuring the sugar. You can use only the buttercream to sweeten the cake. Or you can use extra sugar in the cake mix. So there the amount varies. 

To make perfect buttercream for the frosting, I always prefer powdered sugar. As it holds the texture, the cream becomes much softer than regular sugar. You can also use confectioners’ sugar for this purpose. This will present you with the same outcome as the powdered one. 

Vanilla Extract 

You must want to add some flavors to your buttercream, right? Then vanilla extract can be the proper selection for you. And when you use the pure one without mixing, you can have the best result.  

But using vanilla extract is not compulsory. You can use almond or mint-like flavor. But the thing is the taste will undoubtedly vary from the previous one.  


Most beginners ask, what is the right amount of salt for frosting? Well, the amount of salt must be minimal. It can be a slight pinch tbsp of salt. You may wonder why I am using salt as if I’m not using it. As it can control the sweetness of the dish

Salt can modify the full flavor of your cake. So, you can follow my measurements to get a good result.  

Steps of Making Buttercream Frosting 

Preparing any frosting for your cake is not difficult to go through these easy five steps. You can just follow the procedure and the timing to get better results. 

Step-1: Set the Butter

First of all, set the butter thoroughly for a smooth frosting. It will take plenty of time to create a creamy texture. Remember, the more time you let the butter set, the better result you’ll get. 

Step-2: Beat the Butter 

Here comes the essential part of my buttercream frosting recipe. Beating the butter should take much time for better frosting. Some bakers use a fork or any spoon to beat the butter, which I don’t recommend. 

I prefer using an electric beater for this. It makes the butter creamier and fluffy, which makes a good frosting.  

Step-3: Mixing Sugar

Mixing the sugar should be done carefully as you are using this as the only sweetener for your cake. You can take 3 cups of sugar for this. Use the powdered one. 

And yes, you can add extra sugar according to your taste. 

Step-4: Mixing the Cream 

Now it’s time to mix the cream with the butter. Mix the heavy cream with a soft, rubber spoon. It will help you to hold the texture soft and smooth. You need to mix and stir the cream for at least 1 minute. But 3 minutes will be much better.   

Step-5: Mixing the Flavors

The final job is to mix the flavors in the butter. Also, the vanilla extract should be combined with a small pinch of salt. It will balance the flavor, taste, saltiness, and sweetness at a time. 

Final Words

Now see! Once you know how to make buttercream frosting for a cake, it doesn’t seem difficult. But remember, don’t work in a hurry while preparing to frost. This will be enough to ruin your whole recipe. Just go through the steps slowly and carefully to make a perfect dessert on your own. 

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