How Much Do Cake Pops Cost

How Much Do Cake Pops Cost in Details?

How much do cake pops cost? Since you’re here looking for a precise answer to that question, we assume you haven’t tried one yet! 

Whatever it is, cake pops price depends on a few factors, as they come in different flavors, frosting, decorations, packaging, and tastes. But on average, cake pops come at around $1 to $4 in professional bakeries. Pops with custom shapes and fancy decorations are expensive; regular cake pops come within $1-$2.

Cake pops don’t only look good, but they are pretty flavorful and tasty. If you didn’t try yet, you’re missing out. However, for now, let’s dive deep into the pricing of cake pops. 

Which Factors Affect the Cake Pops Price?

As said before, the price of cake pops depends on two sets of factors. First, it depends on the flavor, taste, frosting, decoration, etc. Lastly, the price varies from store to store as well. The cost of cake pops in a fancy bakery, and a normal bakery won’t be the same. 

However, let’s look at factors that affect the cake pop price.


flavors used in cake pops

You will find a lot of flavors used in cake pops, some are expensive, and some are cheap. If you have chosen flavors like carrot cake or red velvet, the price of the pops will be higher. On the other hand, choosing chocolate or vanilla-type flavors will be light on the wallet, as these flavors are the cheapest.


cake pops decoration

Like flavors, different decorations are used on cake pops. Some are coated with melted chocolate or candy, while others are just sprinkled with quins, sugar pearls, sanding sugar, jimmies, etc. These are usually cheap. On the other hand, cake pops with fancy decorations will be expensive. 


cake pops Packaging

Cake pops are a perfect gift material. And sometimes people require crafty packaging for weddings or birthdays, which will be costly. Otherwise, normal pops with usual packaging are cheap. 

The price also depends on the stores. Local store cake pops won’t be as expensive as Starbucks. No doubt, the quality won’t be the same either.  

Even though the average price of cake pops is $1 to $4, with fancy decorations and flavors, they might even cost over $8.

How Much Should You Charge for Cake Pops?

As cake pops are popular and can be made at home, there is an excellent opportunity to make profits. People are making a handsome amount selling cake pops from home.

However, if you are wondering how much you should charge for cake pops, that will depend on the ingredients, time and effort, and supplies you are using.

Once you know the production cost, you can only set a price for your cake pops. Usually, people sell them for $1-$2 from home.

Let’s have a look at what exactly you will need to make cake pops at home to have a better understanding. 


Cake Pops Ingredients
  • Cake,
  • Candy or chocolate melts,
  • Lollipop sticks,
  • Flavors, and
  • Sprinkles are necessary for making basic cake pops. 

Talking about sprinkles, there are a lot of items that can be used; the most commonly used sprinkles are sanding sugar, jimmies, tutti frutti, quins, sugar pearls, and different types of syrup. And for fancy decorations, there are a lot of items too.

Kitchen Supplies

The most common tools you require are a mixer, baking pan, Silpat, cake scoop, chocolate melter, cake pop baker, and a cake pop stand. However, a cake pop stand and the chocolate maker aren’t a must as there are alternatives for that.

You can melt chocolate in a pan, and a thick cork sheet should be a good alternative for the pop stand. 


There are two types of packaging; one is the simple one, just a wrap. And another one is crafty, which is usually used when cake pops are given as gifts. 

If you are selling from home, there is less chance of single orders, and people usually order cake pops in bulk. For that, you will need plastic boxes and wraps. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does a cake pop cost from Starbucks?

Starbucks sells cake pops at different prices. The lowest price is $1.95, and the higher one is $3.50. Low-priced cake pops are the basic ones with chocolate or vanilla coating. On the other hand, expensive cake pops come with different toppings and coatings, which are flavorful. 

How Long Does Cake Pops Last?

The shelf life of cake pops is very short, and they won’t survive even a day at normal temperatures. Cake pops last around two days in the fridge and around 2-months in the freezer. 


Cake pops are cheap, and you can even get one for under $1. The price depends on ingredients, packaging, and bakers. The more costly the ingredients and packaging are, the more expensive the cake pop is. I hope this guide gives you a good understanding of how much cake pops cost and what affects the price.

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