Best Wood for Soap Dish

Best Wood for Soap Dish In 2022: Top 7 Recommendation

Nothing could annoy me more than buying a brand new bar of soap only to find it melting on the soap holder the next day. The only thing worse is watching your handmade bar soap slip and fall over and over again until it breaks into two. I spent months making botanical soap only to find it crushed on my bathroom floor.

That’s when I knew that I had had enough! I quickly went only and started researching to find the best wood for soap dishes on the market. After ordering some of them I found some amazing soap holders with excellent drainage and impressive design. In case you’re just as fed up as I was then sit back and read this article.

Here’s My Top 5 Wood for Soap Dish picks:

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Magift Soap Dish Holder

Onwon Hawaii Style Handmade Natural Wood Soap Dish

HTB Soap Dish With Slanted Waterfall Design

KUFUNG Soap Tray Wooden Soap Dish

AmazerBath Bamboo Soap Dish

Our Top 7 Best Wood for Soap Dish

It can be pretty difficult to pick the right soap dish at a reasonable price in this day and age. Hence, I reviewed some of the most top rated soap dish brands available for purchase this year.

1. Magift Soap Dish Holder

Magift Soap Dish Holder

I decided to include this as the first soap dish holder as it is one of the best at keeping the soap bar dry. We all know how annoying it feels when the soap bar goes soft and sticks to the holder. Thanks to its clever design, you never have to worry about that again.

The wooden holder is hollowed out for the mere purpose of keeping the soap dry. It offers efficient ventilation that makes sure the soap loses moisture quickly. The slits also allow the water to seep out quickly. Its non-slip surface keeps the soap in a fixed position and prevents it from breaking.

You will also be glad to know that the holder is made from durable wood that can resist water. As it doesn’t deteriorate due to water, you can store other utensils like sponges and brushes as well. Apart from that the soap holder only enhances your bathroom’s interior with its unique style and design.

It boasts a retro outlook that is suitable for all types of décor. This soap holder is made from reliable beech wood and hardwood. This means it doesn’t easily break under pressure and doesn’t ruin the aroma of your scented soap. The soap holder is also suitable for handcrafted soaps that don’t usually have a long lifespan.

Highlighted Features

  • This soap dish keeps your soap bar from getting soft
  • Clever design drains the water quickly
  • The soap dish is sturdy and durable
  • comes with a non slip surface
  • Soap dish is durable and waterproof
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2. Onwon Hawaii Style Handmade Natural Wood Soap Dish

Onwon Hawaii Style Handmade Natural Wood Soap Dish

I have also added an easy-to-carry wood soap dish for those of you who are always on the go. Despite being made from solid wood, the soap holder barely weighs anything. The dimensions of the soap dish also make it suitable for carrying on a journey. It barely takes up any space in your bathroom as well.

The soap holder’s durability is also something to look forward to. It is made from 100% natural pine wood that allows it to withstand regular use. It doesn’t break or wear out under pressure. It’s pretty amazing how this small dish holder can have such impressive endurance.

The wood soap dish has a brilliant outlook that can fit in well with your bathroom décor. Its fashionable design sets it apart from most wooden soap holders on the market. You can tell from its durable construction that the soap dish has been handcrafted by manufacturers with several years of experience.

They pick the most high-quality beech wood that doesn’t affect soaps negatively like most models. The soap dish has an ingenious ventilation system that keeps the soap from getting soft. Due to the carefully placed slots, the water drains quicker than usual, which extends the life of the soap.

Highlighted Features

  • A lightweight design that is easy to carry
  • Compact shape allows it to fit into any small space
  • Soap holder is made of 100% natural pine wood
  • It is handcrafted by professionals in the field
  • Consists of high quality beach wood
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3. HTB Soap Dish With Slanted Waterfall Design

HTB Soap Dish With Slanted Waterfall Design

What if I told you, you can use a dish soap with equal efficiency in the kitchen and your bathroom? Yes, I have a product just like that at number 3. This state-of-the-art soap dish will allow you to store soap and other utensils in the kitchen, bathroom, bathtub, shower, beside the sink, and many other places.

You will hardly find a multipurpose soap dish like this on the market. But that’s only one of the many features that make it so reliable. This simplistic soap dish is entirely made out of teak wood that has excellent water resistance. Despite its slanted design, it doesn’t ruin the shape of your soap bar.

Instead, the slated waterfall design helps you remove water from the soap much quicker. The efficient design provides enough ventilation to keep the soap in its solid shape. They also gave the soap dish a concave shape that prevents the soap from slipping. It keeps the soap in the desired position even after use.

Apart from all that, this versatile soap holder comes with an elegant outlook that complements the interior décor of your household. They introduced a minimalistic design that can easily fit in with the ambiance (if not enhance it). Not to mention, it’s made of a material that is commonly used in the construction of boats.

Highlighted Features

  • Soap dish allows you to store different types of utensils
  • Suitable for bathroom, kitchen and sink use
  • Has a beautiful design that complements your interior décor
  • The slanted design dries the soap quickly
  • Concave shape prevents the soap from slipping
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4. KUFUNG Soap Tray Wooden Soap Dish

KUFUNG Soap Tray Wooden Soap Dish

The market is riddled nowadays with soap dishes made out of toxic materials that can harm your soap. Applying the soap to your skin afterward can also prove to be a negative reaction. Thankfully, there are a few brands like this that found a solution to this. They make their soap holders with only natural materials.

They don’t include any components that can induce toxicity of any kind. This is more suitable for your handmade soaps made from botanical ingredients. It doesn’t distort the shape of the soap either. On top of that, the bar soap holder has a plant coating and is highly resistant to water damage.

Unlike most products of its kind, the wooden soap holder can resist corrosion and prevent mold. This makes the soap safe to use for longer. They also built the wooden soap dish in such a way that the soap dries naturally. The added ventilation allows the water and soap residue to pass through easily within a short time.

This prevents the soap from getting mushy over time and keeps it from losing its hardness. It also boasts a lightweight design that allows you to carry it from place to place. You can store many other household debris apart from soap too. Their fast and friendly customer service is another feature that caught my attention.

Highlighted Features

  • Useful for storing different types of household debris
  • Soap dish is resistant to corrosion and mold
  • Has a lightweight design
  • Soap dish doesn’t contain any toxic materials
  • Suitable for handmade botanical soap
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5. AmazerBath Bamboo Soap Dish

AmazerBath Bamboo Soap Dish

Nothing says “natural soap dish” like a shower soap holder that is entirely made out of bamboo wood. That’s why, at number 5, I will review a soap dish that implements the remarkable qualities of bamboo wood. Needless to say, this soap dish is one of the lightest and most compact models on this list.

Bamboo is also highly durable, so you can definitely rely on its endurance. The simple design of the wooden soap tray gives your bathroom a fresh new look. You might also be aware of how waterproof bamboo wood can be. Hence, you never have to worry about the soap holder rusting or corroding due to water.

There are plenty of soap holders that keep the soap from slipping. However, this soap dish also comes with 4 rubber pads at the bottom that prevents it from slipping out of place. This clever feature can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. I also found it very easy to clean and maintain due to the bamboo wood.

The soap holder comes with a sleek surface that allows you to clean it with just some water. You only need to wash it once every few days to keep the soap dish in perfect condition. Moreover, the soap dish contains hollow gaps that let the leftover water flow through easily. This also keeps the soap intact for a long time.

Highlighted Features

  • Very easy to clean
  • Made from 100% organic bamboo wood
  • Soap dish can resist water damage like no other
  • Equipped with 4 rubber pads at the bottom
  • Hollow gaps let the water drain faster
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6. Soap Dishes for Bar Soap

Soap Dishes for Bar Soap

I have also added a suitable alternative to plastic soap dishes to this list. This soap dish, constructed from bamboo wood, is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. They also added a key component that keeps the soap from deteriorating faster – talcum powder. This genius combination is suitable for all types of soaps.

This is an efficient way to stop the soap bar from melting prematurely. Contrary to popular opinion, this amalgamation of starch, talcum powder, and bamboo fiber makes the soap dish sturdier than most. You can also recycle this product when you are done using it, which keeps you from harming the environment.

If you look at this dish soap carefully you will notice that there is a 0.41 inch distance between the holder and the sink. They added this feature to make sure the water is removed from the soap quickly and efficiently. This keeps the soap dry and hardand increases its lifespan with the help of proper ventilation.

You can easily remove the soap tray to clean it if needed. The soap tray is easy to use for people of all ages. You barely need to put any time and effort into maintenance once you buy this shower soap holder. It will allow your soap bar to retain its perfect shape no matter how many times you use it in a day.

Highlighted Features

  • Most eco-friendly soap dish for shower on this list
  • Made from strong bamboo wood
  • Contains a mixture of bamboo and talcum powder
  • Barely needs any maintenance
  • Soap tray can be removed easily
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7. Anwenk Soap Dish Wooden Soap Saver

Anwenk Soap Dish Wooden Soap Saver

Last but not the least, I have a wooden soap saver that not only protects your soap but also saves you from unwanted allergic reactions. Most people don’t realize that their allergies might not be connected to the ingredients in the soap. It’s rather due to the toxic materials used in the construction of their soap dish.

This bathroom soap holder doesn’t consist of any such materials that can be harmful to your skin. It also has a beautiful outlook that will give your bathroom or kitchen décor a natural touch. The natural aroma of the wooden soap saver will make using the soap bar a pleasant experience.

Apart from that, this exclusive soap dish is made from the strongest pinewood. This solid wood construction can withstand heavy-duty usage without any signs of distortion. Pinewood makes the soap dish resistant to swelling as well. You can’t find a more durable material for a soap holder.

It’s quite impossible not to talk about its incredible ventilation system as well. The soap dish is designed in such a way that the soap bar can barely retain any moisture for long. Most of the water escapes through the slots in the soap dish after use. Its concave shape also allows the soap bar to maintain its position.

Highlighted Features

  • Doesn’t contain any harmful materials
  • Made from premium quality pine wood
  • Durable material is resistant to swelling and distortion
  • Keeps the soap bar dry and hard
  • Sleek and simplistic design
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Things to Consider Before Buying Wood for Soap Dish

Although soap dishes are just simple addition to your household, there are still some major factors to consider if you don’t want to be scammed by fake advertisements. These factors will help you distinguish the best brands on the market that are worth the purchase.

Draining System

The first thing you need to look for in a soap dish is its ability to drain the water from the soap. If the soap dish is not efficient at that, then the soap bar will lose its hardness quickly. This will affect its lifespan, and your handmade soap will swiftly lose its shape and effectiveness.

Soap dishes with wooden slats have the best drainage system. The slats allow the water to exit freely, and within a short time, the soap becomes dry. You should choose a soap dish that is made from a solid piece of wood. It’s better not to pick a model with several wooden pieces attached together.

There are also some self-draining dishes that allow the water to flow into a sink. The lower platform can then be removed to get rid of the water. Try not to pick a soap dish that spills water all over the place, which might cause an absolute mess. This is especially uncalled for if you want to use the soap dish in the kitchen.

Holding Ability

The holding ability of a soap dish should also be taken into account when you are browsing through available options. Whichever soap dish you choose, it should be able to hold soap bars of different shapes and sizes. Not all soap holders are suitable for this purpose.

Most of them come with a slightly concave indentation in the middle that allows the bar to stay in a fixed position. This can prevent the soap from slipping and breaking into two. If you prefer using large bars, then a rectangular soap dish can serve you well. However, this also depends on how it’s designed

The soap dish should also be able to hold itself as well as the soap. I also reviewed a soap holder that is equipped with rubber pads on the bottom. This type of precaution will keep the dish in place no matter where you place it. Pick a soap dish that can accommodate both large and small bars.

Some soap dishes are only suitable for larger soap bars while they let smaller ones slip. Soap holders made of ceramic can hold soap better than wooden models.


Finally, you must pick a versatile and lightweight soap dish that can fit almost anywhere in your house. While some soap dishes are made for a specific purpose, others can be used both in the bathroom and the sink. I have reviewed some of those models in my article today.

Make sure the soap dish can be attached easily without the use of nails and bolts. A lightweight design will also allow you to carry it when you travel. Keep in mind that self draining soap dishes should be positioned carefully. You don’t want the soapy water to contaminate your bathtub.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should a soap dish have holes?

The ideal soap dish includes a tilting shape or large drainage holes to prevent soap from sitting in puddles. Before you go out and get one, there are a few things to think about. The ultimate objective of a soap dish is to protect the bar of soap from becoming soggy by allowing it to sit in water.

2. How do you keep the soap from getting soggy?

You can purchase a supply of soap bars. Pick one to use right away and keep the rest in a dry closet, preferably with enough air circulation to allow the soap bars to dry. Purchase some good soap dishes with good ventilation. You’ll be able to keep your soap in a way that permits it to drain easily because of this feature.

3. Why does my soap dish smell?

Bacteria can grow in the soap, which can make it stink – it’s that easy!Fortunately, removing all of the old soap residues by thoroughly cleaning out the entire soap dispenser with warm water is all that is required.

Bacteria will most likely be present in the valve mechanism. Therefore, it must be washed out as well.

4. What else can I use my soap holder for?

You can use your soap holder for storing other household debris such as sponges and Q tips. Some people even use it as a potpourri dish to remove the odor in their bathrooms.

5. What soap dish is the best?

There are plenty of soap dishes out there that come with loads of different features. I picked the best soap holders on the market and reviewed them in this article.

Final Words

By now you probably have a fair idea about the best wood for soap dish brands on the market. You also have all the necessary information to make the ideal choice for your needs. Make sure you don’t just go for looks and prioritize the quality and durability above anything else.

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