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7 Best Vintage Percolator Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

The fact that you’ve stumbled here for the best vintage percolator tells us that we both like to collect antiquated items.

They’re quite something – right? So is it just the retro 70s/80s design that attracts us to vintage percolators? With abundant historical coffee-making devices for centuries, this particular model has stuck the longest than most.


This kettle-like design has gone through many styles, yet the practical functions remained rooted in the purpose – perfect brewing. Can you handle the old-school coffee-brewing process we often see in Turkish streets? What device is ideal for camping and indoor places?

Let me help you guide the way, starting with how percolators are useful.

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Farberware Classic Yosemite Coffee Percolator

Presto 02822 Coffee Percolator

COLETTI Bozeman Coffee Percolator

Aluminum Stove Top Percolator Maker

Moss & Stone Electric Coffee Percolator

What are the Benefits of Using Vintage Percolator

The day I began using my granny’s old percolator, I understood why she always looked down on my espresso machine.

But how do you truly define a percolator, and is it safe for all environments? How does it fit in this modern generation with so many coffee shops and personal espresso bars?

First of all, percolators work like a kettle, except the water you pour in reaches the boiling point and slowly targets the coffee ground in the filter chamber via a tube.

Next, it begins brewing, and you get the best flavorful coffee in the world that a drip machine can’t ever imitate!

Why You Should Start Using a Vintage Coffee Maker

Here are some significant beneficial points to motivate your purchasing aim:

  • Do you want a robust and powerful coffee brew? It’s time for a vintage percolator.
  • If you like deep and rich flavor – percolator has got you!
  • It’s very practical. How? Simply take it along on the next camping trip, and you’ll see.
  • You can make expresso aside from the regular cup of Joe.
  • It does intensify the flavor. Know what else it does? It retains heat like a pro.
  • Beginners may find this point hard to believe, but you get better at keeping old percolators clean.

You’ll need lots of practice to acquire these benefits. There’s always a chance of bitter and sour flavor if left too long in the kettle.

Best Vintage Percolator Reviews

There has never been a day that I have lived without coffee. So, you can rely on my unbiased judgment here. However, I ask you to read the buying guide before marking a target.

1. Farberware Classic Yosemite Coffee Percolator

Farberware Classic Yosemite Coffee Percolator

Farberware has been in the market for as long as I can remember. When I look around in my kitchen, I can still detect several appliances bought from the company that is still going strong.

Does the coffee urn live up to the expectation like its fellow products? In my opinion and a thousand other users, the 50124 Classic Yosemite is the best vintage percolator I’ve come across.

And there have been many in my possession.

It offers the ideal size with a perfect 8 cup capacity. You can take the stovetop-themed kettle on your journey as well.

The item is a perfect choice for a person or two sharing more than a cup of Joe to achieve a productive day. Such versatility is a rare feature in a percolator as most are either electric or too big to take outside.

From the odorless interior to the tough stainless steel exterior, the product is a manifestation of perfection. You can clean it like a regular kettle or place the parts in a dishwasher.

At the end of the day, you’ll feel energized and motivated with the strong brewed coffee to accomplish any tricky task thrown in your direction!

Highlighted Features

  • Offers 8 cups
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel retains heat
  • Leaves no odor
  • Non-spilling spout
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Convenient glass knob to view brewing progress
  • Ideal for any gas stovetop
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2. Presto 02822 Coffee Percolator   

Presto 02822 Coffee PercolatorΒ Β 

Although the rank in Presto coffee percolator is slightly low at the moment, it is currently shooting for the top gradually. It’s thanks to the loyal customers who have been quite delighted with the product.

The chamber can hold about 6 cups of coffee per brewing cycle, which is more than enough for a single person. Despite my love for flavorful and string coffee, I strictly advise sticking to six cups a day with side food!

This electric percolator can make you start the day without any delay. Simply plug in the device and hear the familiar percolating sound during the hot water circulation through the grounds.

The cord is detachable, there’s an indicator light that tells you when the coffee is ready, and the handle and knob are always cool to touch.

You can place the hot kettle right on the tabletop or any surface, thanks to the super cool base.

Most importantly, the percolator is very easy to clean – after you drain all the piping hot coffee into your system!

Highlighted Features

  • Offers 6 cups
  • Silver stainless steel construction
  • Consists of 500W power
  • Includes a drip-free spout
  • Tube and basket are dishwasher safe
  • Comprises keep-warm mode
  • Cord is detachable
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3. COLETTI Bozeman Coffee Percolator

COLETTI Bozeman Coffee Percolator

Here comes another best coffee percolator that I couldn’t help but talk about with giddy excitement (perhaps I had one too many a cup of coffee by now).

If you love camping with family, friends, or your partner, you already know how difficult it is to brew a perfect cup of coffee and share wonderful thoughts by the fire.

This single percolator is capable of serving 9 cups per cycle. You can use the campfire, gas stovetop, or an electric one, thanks to its flat base.

The next time you head to your cabin or log house, don’t forget to bring the COLETTI Bozeman percolator to refresh your weekend.

Its shining armor – the stainless steel construction comes with marked lines if you want less than 9 cups of hot water.  

While the spout doesn’t always prevent dripping because of the compact design, the handle, on the other hand, is a stunning section of the kettle. It is engineered with hardwood to keep the heat as minimal as possible.

The lid offers a tempered glass top so you can watch the magical percolation happening right before your eyes as you talk with friends/family.

But the question is, does it make a robust cup of coffee? Why, yes! And it keeps the rest of the brewed beverage hot for an extended time!

Highlighted Features

  • Produces 9 cups
  • Yields the best flavor in coffee
  • Stainless steel housing ideal for outdoors/indoors
  • Stovetop style
  • Includes engraved markings on the exterior
  • Tempered glass top to view progress
  • Hardwood featured handle for better grip
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4. Primula Today Percolator

Primula Today Percolator

There’s another stovetop percolator in the market that’s been making quite the noise for a while now. I’m talking about Primula Today, which cycles the hot water through ground coffee like a pro and never stops until you turn off the stove.

This is also a suitable product for outdoor trips that are impossible without a cup of real coffee! The item is made from aluminum – a material highly heat conductive.

Thus, you attain the best cup of strongly brewed coffee within minutes. Just make sure the stovetop offers a moderate flat surface.

Though I haven’t utilized it for campfire yet, I can tell the percolator will not let you down. Just keep a watchful eye on the fire as the handle is unsuitable for a high flame.

On the contrary, no matter how hot the kettle becomes, you can always hold the handle to pour the liquid into a cup/mug. Plus, it’s very easy to clean with the help of warm water and lemon mixture.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers 9 cups
  • Portable and suitable for indoors too
  • Ideal for stovetops – gas, electric, and ceramic
  • Heat resistant handle for good grip
  • Aluminum built for durability
  • See-through top
  • Fine filtered funnel design
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5. Moss & Stone Electric Coffee Percolator   

Moss & Stone Electric Coffee PercolatorΒ Β Β 

When I first saw this percolator for a friend, I thought it was more for the show than delivering actual functionalities. I can assure you that this item is highly capable of doing more than just rest on the countertop with an appealing design.

First of all, the spout is the classic kettle-like structure, preventing spilling and dripping even after you’re done pouring.

Second, the copper body is not all that bad at all. It comes in various colors. However, the interior is stainless steel, so you can rely on the heat process to percolate excellent coffee brewing.

Third, this is a family size, with up to 10 cups capacity! The minimum is 2 cups, which is pretty ideal if you’re done for the day.

Next is the brewing time; from the moment you plug in and turn on the device, it takes about 6 to 7 minutes! Moreover, the automatic system allows you to leave the device on its own as you prepare light snacks.

You can add the basket and the stem to the dishwasher for a better clean-up. The bottom line is that you’ll love this percolator if you’re all about electric appliances and too busy to prepare anything properly.

Leave everything to Moss & Stone’s mercy; it’s surprisingly reliable.

Highlighted Features

  • Yields up to 10 cups of coffee per cycle
  • Copper body with a stainless steel interior and other parts
  • The automatic system requires no shutting off
  • Cord is detachable
  • Cool base and handle
  • Transparent top to see the percolating process
  • Amazing spout that eliminates drips/spills
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6. Cuisinart PRC-12 Percolator

Cuisinart PRC-12 Percolator

Most of us have heard of Cuisinart and its countless kitchen appliances used by millions of customers each year. This is why the brand is a must-have in a list of the top 7.

This percolator is an efficient item that comprises a cool handle, stylish base, unique lid with a transparent top, non-dripping spout, and an ideal chamber. It can hold up to 12 cups of coffee!

I wish I could take it to my next two-day camping. But the thing is electric, and there’s nothing electric about blending in with nature.

Anyhow, the vintage percolator with modern design is what every retro coffee lover should own. If you want to keep one foot with antique items and the other in today’s hectic lifestyle, this model is the perfect product for the purpose!

It creates strong and flavorful coffee that regular drip machines often fail. So, you’ll be kind of in a win-win situation.

Highlighted Features

  • Makes up to 12 cups
  • Electric style
  • Keep cool handle and base
  • Long, non-drip spout
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Includes a light indicator
  • Detachable cord
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7. Hamilton Beach 40614R Percolator

Hamilton Beach 40614R Percolator

Let’s end it with a final electric coffee percolator – something completely unexpected if you ask me. Despite the high price tag, I’d recommend it to anyone who desperately needs real coffee in the household.

The overall design reminds me of a large bullet! Also, I remember seeing a similar old-fashioned percolator at an elderly’s house. Now I know why this model is so successful against others in markets.

This is a reminder that vintage items are always a gem to collect. However, most electric items of such old age are unsafe; thus, Hamilton Beach gives you the best solution.

The percolator is electric and allows up to 12 cups of robust coffee for the whole family or day. Simply set it near the socket and see how it outshines other appliances in the kitchen.

There’s an indicator light that lets you know when the drink is ready. Furthermore, the stainless steel build makes it a device that can last for many years!

The handle and the base are cool to touch, and you can always detach the cord to move the kettle to a tabletop.

To summarize, it’s simply an impressive piece of appliance that I’d give my money for without a second thought.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers up to 12 cups
  • Includes ready-to-serve indicator
  • Comes with a keep-warm heater
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Twist off the lid with a transparent dome
  • Spout is non-drip
  • The handle and the base are cool-touch
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Vintage Percolator Comparison Chart

Product Title








Farberware 50124 Classic Yosemite


8 Cups/ 64 oz.

9.2 x 8.7 x 7



Stainless Steel

Presto 02822


6 Cups/ 48 oz.

10 x 7.5 x 4


Yes (Basket cover and basket only)

Stainless Steel



9 Cups/ 72 oz.

8 x 7.5 x 4.8



Stainless Steel

Primula Today


9 Cups/ 72 oz.

8.23 x 8 x 5

Flat Stovetop



Moss & Stone Electric


10 Cups/ 80 oz.

11 x 9 x 6


Yes (Basket cover and basket only)

Copper body, Stainless Steel Interior

Cuisinart PRC-12


12 Cups/ 96 oz.

12.24 x 9.25 x 6.3



Stainless Steel

Hamilton Beach 40614R


12 Cups/ 96 oz.

11.5 x 8.5 x 5.8



Stainless Steel

Things to Consider Before Buying Vintage Percolator

It’ll be tough competition out there for percolator fans. When you do get one, it’s all about compatibility aside from sturdiness. Let me discuss what factors you should keep in mind before confirming your purchase –

1. Material Reliability

There are a few materials that have been in use for long before we were born. Stainless steel and aluminum are such examples. Does that indicate they’re the only survivors out there?


As discouraging as it might seem, many diners you may notice still serve with tampered glass old percolator coffee pots. The only downside and the single reason I’m against it is the handling issue.

There had been incidents of spilling scalding hot coffee on customers because the glass was so hot that the handle was difficult to hold.

Also Read: Coffee Refractometer Buying Guide.


This particular material is uniquely favored by many camp goers. Maybe it goes with nature more than silver style or the fact that it conducts heat better to yield a strong coffee brew.

Whatever the reason, copper percolators can be your next option, though in association with other materials for safety purposes.


Who here isn’t familiar with aluminum anyway? I own many aluminum pots in the kitchen that boasts heat conduction the right way.

Remember, aluminum can get too hot to deliver extra bitter coffee that may not be to your liking. Therefore, always watch out for the boiling point.

Stainless Steel

This material is my favorite of all, and you may have noticed that the majority of the vintage coffee makers also comprise stainless steel.

While it’s not a good heat conductor for cooking pots, the story is entirely different with percolators. Stainless steel is safe and versatile, though the durability relies on the brand’s construction.

2. Style Convenience

Are you a camper, a lone wolf/lioness, or more into outdoor activities? Go with the stovetop style that you can carry here and there, hanging from your backpack.

Just make sure the stove at home (once you safely enter the abode after the great adventure) isn’t electric. Then you might require an additional adapter that electric percolators offer.

With that thought, electric ones ease your effort by being, well, electric. They are a perfect addition to the comfort of your home/cabin.

However, such percolators also accompany countless problems – some users complained of low heat while others went on about durability issues.

3. Percolator Capacity

How often do you drink coffee a day? Is there more than one family member who’s likely to share the percolator? Do you plan to take that during your next wilderness trip?

Weigh on these factors to balance between large capacity and convenience before buying. Go with the stovetop option with the 4 cup capacity if you want dual function – brewing coffee while camping or enjoying several cups indoors.

You can always go for more or less than 4 cups with an electric model. Here simply ensure what fits your daily lifestyle perfectly, then opt for it.

4. Your Budget

The best vintage percolator you pick might exceed the amount you hoped to invest the first time. Nevertheless, the good news is that these items aren’t as expensive as one might believe.

All the mentioned products here are within 50 bucks tops to shop comfortably without worrying about permanency.

How to Use a Vintage Electric Coffee Percolator

Is it that hard? Surely, many of us can figure out the process in a minute. We all know how to plug an electric device. It’s the next steps that differ depending on the appliance type.

Here’s the easiest version of using an electric percolator:

Step 1: You begin by grinding the coffee beans with a grinder. Choose medium roast as percolators yield super strong coffee brew.

Step 2: Keep the small basket with the tube out of the kettle for now.

Step 3: Open the lid and fill the chamber with water (it’s the larger space inside).

Step 4: Make sure everything, your hands, the plug, etc., is dry. Plug it into the sockets on the kitchen wall.

Step 5: Remember the perforated basket you took out earlier? That’s where you add the coffee grounds, avoiding the pump stem. You might require filter paper if the perforations are big. (Add 1tbsp of grounds per cup).

Step 6: Next, put the basket and the central tube back in their place in the kettle. Close the lid now.

Step 7: An electric percolator generally begins the brewing cycle right after closing the lid. If yours is manual, simply press the Start/Power button to begin.

Step 8: Don’t worry about when to shut it off. The appliance is capable of doing it automatically.

Step 9: Once brewing is complete and the machine turns off, open the lid and take out the perk tube and basket. It’s the central tube with the perforated basket.

Step 10: Wait a few minutes and serve the coffee in a cup/mug. Don’t forget to clean the percolator and the basket with the tube afterward!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my vintage electric coffee percolator?

My best suggestion is to use the vinegar mixed with water if you aren’t that keen on dishwashing soap. This mixture is great for stainless steel models.

Is a coffee percolator better than a drip machine?

Yes, if you absolutely love strong and robust coffee brew with aromatic depth. Despite facing some minor issues, percolators deliver full-flavored coffee when timed perfectly.

Do large capacity percolators cost a lot?

The bigger and more functional an appliance is, the more you have to spend. Sometimes it depends on the brand’s popularity, but the story is the same – large capacity entails adding a few more bucks to the budget.

Are the French press and percolator the same?

No, while the percolator forces the boiling water into the stem to reach the coffee grounds, the French press maker uses the immersion method.

Where can I find a good vintage percolator?

The word vintage before the item makes it difficult to find in regular stores these days. So, checking the online shops that sell old-fashioned coffee accessories is your best bet.

Final Words

If you ask me which best vintage percolator I’d pick among the seven nominations, I will fail to give you a straight answer. This is because the competition is too tight. With premium quality and sturdiness – each percolator comes with a unique charm of its own.

Now the decision is up to you since we can’t get them all! (I would if I could.) If you’re a collector like me and hoard coffee like it’s the fresh stream water, I can already sympathize with your predicament. However, it’ll go away right when your eyes meet ‘the one.’

I’m not kidding – it actually happens!

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