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Best Outdoor Faucet Lock Reviews and Ultimate Buying Guide

Did you know that water theft is an actual thing that some people do? Well, I didn’t, and that’s why my sky-high water bill came as a bolt from the blue when I returned home from a trip last year. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, buying an outdoor faucet lock is a must!

A good quality outdoor faucet lock is multifunctional, durable, easy to install, and made from sturdy material. Finding the best outdoor faucet lock among hundreds of available faucet brands is a daunting task.

But you don’t have to worry about that as we already did the homework for you and narrowed down 10 top-tier outdoor faucet locks, a detailed buying guide, and much more! So without wasting any more time, let’s dive right in.

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Frost King FC1 Outdoor Foam Faucet Cover

Flow Security Systems, the FaucetLock, Promotes Water Conservation

Zing Green Recycled Plastic Gate Valve Lockout

Flow Security Systems and Faucet Lock II

Chambridge Faucet Lock

Benefits of Using Outdoor Faucet Lock

Before jumping on the list, we believe it’s important to know the good sides of a water lock to ensure that the money you’re spending is worth it. Let’s have a look at some beneficial aspects of faucet locks so that you can make a confident purchase.

Prevents Unauthorized Water Use

In case you didn’t know, let me inform you that stealing water deliberately is illegal. When you’re out at work or go for a vacation, some people take the chance of your absence and steal water from an outside water spigot.

As water isn’t provided for free, you have to pay the bill at the end of the day. A water faucet lock can save your water from illegal ‘borrowing’, and thus, it saves your money too.

Prevents Vandalism

You know, some people don’t just stop after stealing your water. They break your faucet, ruin your water valve and just leave it that way. To prevent this, most of the faucet locks also works as garden hose lock and come with a protective cover that saves your faucet and valve.

Ease of Use

Most faucet locks come with a key, and you can simply lock and unlock your faucet with its help. Some locks have an even easier padlock system. It’s really easy to install the lock and the protective cover over your faucet. So you can safeguard your outdoor water faucets within minutes!


This extremely useful water valve locking device is surprisingly affordable. A high-quality lock will cost you only 10$ to 30$! How cool is that?

Our Top 10 Best Outdoor Faucet Lock Reviews

Now it’s time to introduce you to our top picks. After hours of investigation, we selected 10 of the most reliable and functional water faucets from the top brands of the market. Go through our list to find out the one that meets your needs.

1. Frost King FC1 Outdoor Foam Faucet Cover

Frost King FC1 Outdoor Foam Faucet Cover

If you prefer a lightweight and hassle-free device for locking your faucets, Frost King is the ideal brand for you. Their FC1 Outdoor Foam Faucet Cover is the most user-friendly device of this lineup.

Without a doubt, the unique design is a major highlight of this cover. This oval-shaped cover consists of an extended shell and a foam gasket. Surrounding the free end of the gasket, there is a soft foam that secures the device snugly against your walls. This way, both your faucet and outside water shut off is fully covered and protected from water theft.

Apart from the design, the materials used in this faucet cover are also exceptional and highly durable. The 5/8-inch shell is made from durable polystyrene. Whereas the 5.8-inch gasket is made from styrofoam that works as an insulator.

Both the rubber and foam are lightweight, enduring, and capable of surviving harsh environments for years!

Due to its insulation capabilities, the foam cover effectively prevents your water pipes from freezing. So you get warm water even in the coldest weather conditions! The faucet cover has an optimal size that is compatible with most of the outdoor faucets of the USA. Simply perfect, isn’t it?

Highlighted Features

  • A rubber shell and foam gasket that covers the outdoor faucet completely to protect it
  • Polystyrene shell and styrofoam gasket are highly durable and lightweight
  • Works as an excellent insulator that prevents the water and water pipes from freezing in cold
  • Easy to handle and comes in fully assembled condition

2. Flow Security Systems | the FaucetLock | FSS 50 |

 Flow Security Systems | the FaucetLock

To safeguard your water faucet, this time, we chose the FSS 50 Faucet Lock from Flow Security Systems. The lock is sturdy, heavy-duty, and highly functional.

Thanks to the heavy-duty material, the lock effectively protects your faucets against tampering and vandalism. The solid brass construction is sturdy with a nice CNC knurled finish that prevents rust and corrosion against harsh environments.

Brass is also pretty hard to cut or injure with regular cutting tools. Hence, the lock is incredibly long-lasting and functional.

When it comes to design, The FaucetLock doesn’t fail to impress. It has a remarkable patented design that uses a free-spinning mechanism to protect your outside water spicket.

The design includes the actual lock that you can shut just by twisting a key. Once the faucet is sealed, the lock will just simply spin freely, making it impossible to open without a key.

You can also buy the faucets with two different key styles, keyed alike or keyed differently. If you choose faucet locks with keyed alike style, you can operate multiple locks with a single key, making the task time-saving and easy.

In contrast, choosing the different keys is a better option to ensure maximum security. From security to convenience, this lock has it all!

Highlighted Features

  • Made from heavy-duty brass that prevents tampering with the faucet
  • Features a CNC knurled finish to protect the lock from rust and corrosion
  • Easy to install with the free-spinning lock design
  • Comes in two different key styles to ensure convenience and maximum security

3. Conservco DSL-1 Hose Bibb Lock

 Conservco DSL-1 Hose Bibb Lock

Want a truly versatile lock that gracefully suits any hose bibb? Then we have good news for you. From your garden to the office, the DSL-1 Hose Bibb Lock by Conservco blends in every place effortlessly.

The outlook of this faucet lock is undoubtedly the main selling point. It has an inner screw-on valve cap with a beautiful bronze cap with a small lock opening at the bottom. To cover the cap, you get a nice shield with a smooth silver finish that makes it elegant enough to fit anywhere from indoors to outdoors.

Apart from providing the ‘looks,’ the shield protects the hose bibb lock from unscrewing by water stealers. Once you fit the inner cap with your faucet, place the shield over it so that it can wheel freely and make it impossible to open while it’s locked. Plus, the 1.8-inch lock will easily match with almost any faucet with a shackle diameter of 3/16″, 1/4″, or 9/32″.

As for the material, both pieces are made of high-quality brass that provides years of service without any wear and tear. The design is unique as you can use your lock and key or padlock to secure the faucet. Moreover, this lock will prevent all kinds of water waste, even if your faucet has leaks or if you turn it on accidentally.

Highlighted Features

  • Versatile with a beautiful bronze color and smooth finish that suits all sorts of places
  • Consists of two parts: valve cap and shield that can’t be unlocked with typical tools
  • 1.8-inch lock fits most regular faucets without the need for any extra tools
  • Made of brass that effectively prevents wear and tear

4. Zing Green Recycled Plastic Gate Valve Lockout


When you have naughty kids around your house, your gate valve needs some extra protection. This gate valve lockout from Zing Green is great for your pocket as well as the environment.

To protect your water faucet from unauthorized usage, this circular plastic-made shell encloses the round handle of your gate valve. This way, you can turn off the water supply when needed and secure it from naughty kids or needy neighbors by locking the gate valve directly. As the cover comes in just one piece, it’s pretty easy to install the lock.

For maximum security, the lockout cover features 3 locking holes so that it requires multiple authorizations for opening the lock successfully. You can install the faucet and relax as it will keep away unwanted visitors.

Moreover, the faucet comes in 2 sizes to match the valve handle of any diameter. One size is suitable for handles with 2.5-inch to 5- inch diameter, and the other one supports 1-inch to 2.25-inch diameters.

Since the valve cover is manufactured from recycled polycarbonate, it has a positive environmental effect. Besides, plastic is a very durable material and has remained strictly the same for decades.

As it has a non-conductive nature, it is resistant to electricity and temperature. Altogether, this gate valve cover is a great buy!

Highlighted Features

  • Protects illegal water use by covering the gate valve handle
  • Features 3 locking holes to provide maximum security
  • Comes in 2 different sizes to support both larger and smaller handles
  • Made from recycled plastic that insulates against temperature and electricity

5. Flow Security Systems and Faucet Lock II

Flow Security Systems  Faucet Lock II

Yet again, another lock from Flow Security Systems made our list of the finest outdoor faucet locks. This time we picked the FSS 500 model Faucet Lock II, which is more affordable with a stylish look.

Flow Security Systems have used their unique free-spinning design to make the lock more secure and prevent your facet from water theft and miscellaneous vandalism.

The FSS 500 model is more user-friendly as you just have to use a single key and fit the lock around your faucet to make it secure. You can also choose from the same and differently keyed styles.

Once installed, the faucet will take care of water drips and leaks. Hence, your water is saved, and your bills are kept to a minimum. The lock will prevent the water from flowing even if you turn on the water faucet completely! You can use the lock for all of your faucets with a shackle diameter of 3/4-inch.

Another uniqueness of the lock is its appearance. With its stylish mossy green color, the faucet can smoothly fit in a garden, a school, or even in a hospital. Since the building material is solid brass, the lock will stand upright against unfavorable weather conditions. Isn’t it simply the best lock for an outdoor faucet?

Highlighted Features

  • Features an Ultra-secure free-spinning design that only opens with specific keys
  • Preserves water by preventing water drips and leaks
  • Made from highly durable and strong brass material
  • The aesthetically pleasing green color suits all kinds of places

6. Chambridge Faucet Lock

Chambridge Faucet Lock

While most other locks only protect the outdoor faucet, Chambridge faucet locks shield the faucet as well as the valve. Let’s have a look at its marvelous design and features.

The faucet lock features a 12.5cm multipurpose protective cover with a 5.5cm large opening that is compatible with standard water faucet sizes.

With this cover, both your water tap and valve are protected from vandalism and thievery. Besides, this cover also safeguards your water spigots from snowfall during the winter seasons.

Despite being a comparatively larger device, installing the lock is a breeze. You just have to place to cover over your faucet and then insert the provided iron sheet below the faucet. Now you can use a padlock to seal the deal.

Don’t bother buying an extra padlock as the lock comes with one of perfect size. You have the option to buy the lock in 2 styles, one with a single opening and the other has two openings for more convenience.

About the material? The lock is made from hard steel that is guaranteed to stay the same season after season. It also has a beautiful coating of blue paint that makes the lock to fight against brutal weather conditions. Besides, the blue color is so pleasing that you’ll have a hard time taking your eyes off them.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a large protective cover to prevent faucet damage and water waste
  • Easy to install with the provided iron sheet and padlock
  • Made from heavy-duty solid steel to withstand harsh environmental changes
  • Comes in two different styles and various colors to fulfill diverse requirements

7. The Outdoor Faucet Lock Padlock System

 The gate Valve is Locked The Outdoor Faucet Lock Padlock System

Loved the idea of locking just the gate valve? Here’s another gate valve lock from Xing that’s highly secure, sturdy, and easy to use.

What makes the lock unique is the heavy-duty construction material. The casing is made from ultra-sturdy steel, which is further coated by attractive red color. Steel ensures that you receive years of unconditional service from the device, whereas the color coating saves the steel from rust and corrosion.

As the lock requires no tools at all, you can easily install it in seconds! You just have to place the cover around the faucet handle and lock it with the provided padlock, and your faucet is safe from vandals and water theft. The lock is suitable for most pipe-sized hoses and wall mount faucets with a 3/8-inch gate valve.

Unlike many other brands, Xing gate valve locks come with a padlock and 2 keys. So you don’t need to spend some extra bucks to make the lock ready to use.

As the coating is weatherproof and waterproof, the lock is suitable for outdoor uses in all seasons. With its bright red color, it easily blends in with the surrounding environments.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from durable and ultra-sturdy steel to provide ultimate security
  • Features a shiny red coating that prevents rust and blends into any environment
  • Comes with a padlock which makes it easy to install
  • Suitable for standard water hoses and 3/8-inch gate valves

8. Rocky Mountain Goods Faucet Cover for Winter Freeze Protection

Rocky Mountain Goods Faucet Cover for Winter Freeze Protection

As you went through our previous reviews, have you been wondering if you could get all the excellent features in one affordable faucet? Well, we have exactly what you need. This Faucet Cover from Rocky Mountain Radar is the most affordable one on our list.

While most other faucet covers are made of foam, this one is made from both plastic and styrofoam. The outer shell is made of heavy-duty 1/8-inch plastic, and the inner design features a 3/4-inch thick styrofoam layer and a rubber gasket. Plastic outer shell fights against different weather conditions and makes it much more durable.

On the other hand, the foam makes sure that the cover is perfectly fitted around the faucet — both the plastic and foam work as excellent insulators. So the cover effectively prevents your outdoor water faucet and water pipes from freezing so that your family receives perfectly warm water even at freezing temperatures!

The best part? You can buy this 5-inch faucet cover just by spending a few bucks! Moreover, installing the faucet is super easy, and it will take you just a few moments.

With its ideal length, the faucet will provide a snug, tight seal to prevent all kinds of water waste. For its price, this faucet is easily the best outdoor faucet lock.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from heavy-duty plastic and styrofoam to ensure longevity
  • Plastic and foam provide much-needed insulation against freezing temperatures
  • Perfectly fits most wall mount spigots with an ideal 5-inch length
  • Pocket-friendly and easy to install

9. NU-SET 2895-3 Water Faucet Lock

NU-SET 2895-3 Water Faucet Lock

For the finest quality, we have chosen a unique water faucet lock from a brand that has been making high-quality locks for more than 40 years! Meet the 2895-3 Water Faucet Lock by NU-SET.

NU-SET is one brand that always comes up with creative designs to suit various needs. This faucet lock is no different as it has a slim profile with a unique zigzag design to fit all types of hose bibb with a 3/4-inch diameter.

Since the design is pretty simple, you can easily place it around your faucet and shut it with any regular lock. Easy-peasy, right?

Say goodbye to water wastage with the solid steel construction of this lock. And you don’t need to worry about rusting as the lock has a brilliant chrome finish that makes the surface shiny and rust-resistant.

Moreover, it prevents the steel from corroding due to violent weather. So you can confidently buy the lock knowing that it will last forever!
The package includes the spigot lock, a rubber gasket, and a rubber washer. While the rubber gasket ensures a snug fit around the faucet, the rubber washer prevents water flow while the lock is installed. It also prevents excessive water usage and leaks. What else can you ask for?

Highlighted Features

  • Fits with standard ¾” standard faucets with its slim profile and zigzag design
  • Made from durable solid steel hard to ensure superior safety
  • Features a chrome finish that safeguards the steel from rusting and corroding
  • Shipped with rubber gasket and rubber washer to prevent water wastage

10. Fozlock Outdoor Faucet Lock System

Fozlock Outdoor Faucet Lock System

To wrap up with a bang, we picked the amazing Fozlock Faucet Lock System that covers your entire faucet instead of only covering the end portion of the faucet.

Say goodbye to surprise utility bills as Fozlock offers the ultimate protection for your outdoor faucets. Since the entire faucet is covered and out of sight, no one can reach your faucet.

The design also includes a built-in interior lip to make the faucet tamper-proof. Install the faucet and enjoy your peace as no one can forcefully open the lock.

While other locks require complex tools for installing, this one just needs no tools and is installed in just two easy steps. Place the casing around the hose bib, use a standard padlock to secure it in place, and that’s it!

Plus, you don’t have to unscrew it every time while detaching the lock. Just unlock the padlock, and your faucet is ready to use!
As the lock easily fits any regular 3/4-inch faucet, it’s ideal to be used in gardens, parks, schools, and offices.

The incredible alloy steel construction provides the lock with the necessary sturdiness and stability to withstand tampering and weather changes. With all its features, this faucet might be an outdoor faucet lock you have ever used!

Highlighted Features

  • Covers the entire faucet perfectly for complete protection
  • Made from alloy steel to make the lock tamper-proof and weatherproof
  • The user-friendly design doesn’t require any tools for installing and unlocking
  • Fits any regular faucets, including those with an anti-siphon device

Thing to Consider Before Buying Outdoor Faucet Lock

Most people don’t put much thought while buying a lock for an outside faucet. Consequently, they end up buying cheap and poor-quality faucets that start leaking just after a few uses.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, here’s a list of all the crucial aspects that you must consider to bag an outdoor faucet lock. Let’s have a look.


As a faucet lock is usually used for outdoor faucets, it must be made from a sturdy and long-lasting material. Steel and Brass are the two materials that are the strongest and most durable. Plus, it’s tough to cut or damage these two materials with regular tools.

It’s also important to check the finishing of the faucet as steel is vulnerable to rust, and brass is prone to corrosion. A good metal coating or paint coating can solve these problems and provide a faucet with an eye-catching look.

However, there’s a few drawbacks of both steel and brass. The materials don’t provide insulation against temperature, and they will cost more than other materials.

If you want something cost-effective, you can opt for plastic or foam-made faucet covers. Plastic and foam also work as insulators and are capable of providing years of service.


If you buy any faucet without checking its measurements, you might find out later that it doesn’t even fit your water faucets! Which means you wasted your money for nothing!

To prevent that, always check the measurements properly before purchasing a lock. First, you need to measure the size of your faucet. Then you can use those measurements to pick up a lock that fits snugly with your faucet.

Generally, most of the locks are made to fit the US-standard 3/4-inch faucets. In case you have a faucet smaller or bigger than that, ask the seller if your desired length is available.

As for the gate valve cover, the most common size is for valves with 2.5-inch to 5-inch diameters. Some brands also offer cover for smaller valves having a diameter of 1-inch or 2-inch. So take your time and look for the size variations until you find the one that perfectly matches your water faucet.


A good-quality faucet should have a strong and user-friendly design. If the lock is designed weak, anyone can open the lock with a mere screwdriver! And you don’t want that. Some brands come up with innovative ideas to make their locks more secure than regular ones.

Try to find one of those amazing anti-theft features that you feel will surely keep the water borrowers away. Also, it’s better to pick a brand that provides an extra lock and key to operate the locking device. This way, you don’t have to spend anything extra.

Ease of Use

With some cheap-quality locks, it becomes impossible to lock and unlock them comfortably. Even sometimes, you might need to cut the whole lock as it just doesn’t want to unlock!

Also, some brands build such complex locks that it takes forever to install them. So check the features and installation system before you buy the lock. The lock should unlock within moments, and it should also be lightweight and easy to handle.

Customer Reviews

When you’re making an online purchase, you have the advantage of checking out the customer ratings and reviews in detail.

As a consumer knows the product best, it’s a good idea to go through the reviews to find out the good qualities as well as the drawbacks of a product. You can also check the Amazon bestseller ratings before making your decision.


Outdoor faucet locks generally don’t cost you much. You can use the price as a filter to get rid of tricky sellers. Surprising low prices stand for bad quality. The more features you expect, the more money you have to pay. Pick up a lock that suits all your needs and your pocket as well.

How to Use Outdoor Faucet Lock?

As there are different types of faucets with distinct features, the usage isn’t the same for all outdoor faucet locks. Here’s how to use the two main types of faucet locks.

Standard Faucet Locks

Most of the faucets usually feature a valve cap with one or several locking holes at the bottom. To use it, you have to take the threaded part of the lock and put it over your faucet. Then you have to spin the other end of the lock until it’s tight.

Once you ensure a tight snug, use the provided key to seal the lock and faucet together. After that, you have to use your lock and key to perfectly secure your faucet. When you want to unlock it, use the key again and follow the mentioned process in reverse.

Faucet Covers

For the faucet covers, you have to use the given rubber loop to attach the cover to the wall behind the faucet. First, put the open end of the cover against the wall. Then create a loop around the faucet with the rubber piece.

After that, simply put the rubber strip to attach the cover with the walls. Usually, the cover has a soft foam pad to ensure a tight fit. Piece of cake, isn’t it?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you lock an outside tap?

Yes, you can lock your outside tap with an outdoor faucet lock or cover. Locking a faucet will prevent accidental water use by children, neighbors, and water theft.

2. How do I remove a tap lock?

All the faucet locks normally come with a key. Some come with a padlock system. You just have to use the key properly as per the instruction manual to unlock the device.

3. What are outdoor faucet locks made of?

Outdoor faucet locks are made from various materials to meet diverse needs. The most common materials are Brass, Steel, Foam, and Plastic.

4. How long do outdoor facet locks last?

As you can use an outside water faucet all around the year, it usually has a smaller lifespan. Generally, a good quality lock will last from 5 to 10 years.

5. How do you lock a water valve?

Luckily, some brands make special cover locks for water valves. You just have to place the cover around the valve and enclose it with a lock and key.

Final Words

So there you have it all! We covered every little detail to guide you to the best outdoor faucet lock. If you’re still undecided about which one to pick, let me help you a bit.

For overall satisfactory performance, select a lock from Flow Security Systems or Fozlock. If you want a budget pick, opt for the faucet from NU-SET. As all our picks promise excellent quality, make sure to choose from our list to prevent water theft forever!

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