Best Cheese for Deli Sandwiches

6 Best Cheese for Deli Sandwiches in 2022

Deli sandwiches are perfect options as delicious ready-to-eat meals for your busy days. If you can pick the right cheese for these sandwiches, the meals will be even more delicious.

There are over a hundred brands producing various types of cheese that go well with sandwiches. But it can be a bit tough to find the best cheese for deli sandwiches.

We have tried different variations of cheese, and a bunch of cheese suggestions has been discussed in this article. So, choosing the perfect one according to your taste buds will be much easier.

We enlisted the products considering the ingredients, flavors, texture, and taste to make sure you find the right one according to your preference.

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Kraft Singles American Cheese Slices

Sargento Provolone Cheese Slices

Horizon Organic American Singles

365 by Whole Swiss Cheese Slices

Happy Belly Singles

Our Top 6 Best Cheese for Deli Sandwiches

As deli sandwiches are go-to meals, some specific kinds of cheese go perfectly with them, which will not ruin the taste if prepared ahead of time. Here we have briefly discussed the 7 best cheese that will go well with deli sandwiches.

1. Kraft Singles American Cheese Slices

ingles American Cheese Slices

The first one we have is American cheese slices made with real pasteurized milk without any harmful ingredients, which can threaten your health. No artificial flavors have been used in these cheese slices, ensuring their quality and taste.

Often, you will find cheese slices with added preservatives and flavors, which makes them stay well for a long time. They can be harmful and affect your health negatively in the long run. But the Kraft American cheese is free of artificial preservatives, which makes it the best deli cheese for sandwiches on the list.

If you are preparing deli sandwiches at home, you can use these slices over the meat patty and keep them for later uses. This cheese is perfect for deli sandwiches as it doesn’t ruin the taste of the sandwich if prepared hours or days ago. You can wrap the sandwiches with deli paper and keep them for later uses.

When you heat up the sandwich, the cheese melts beautifully, adding a creamy and soft texture to your sandwich. It doesn’t give a strong savory taste like the other cheese slices out there. You will experience a mild flavor of rich cheese melting inside your mouth and giving your tastebuds a burst of flavors.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a longer shelf life compared to other cheese
  • Easily melts when heated up in the microwave
  • Doesn’t cover up other flavors of the sandwich
  • Made with natural ingredients and flavors
  • A perfect source of proteins, enzymes, and minerals
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2. Sargento Provolone Natural Cheese Slices

 Sargento Provolone Natural Cheese Slices

Are you a fan of smoky grilled cheese deli sandwiches? If yes, then the Sargento Provolone will be a perfect option for you to prepare a creamy cheese sandwich with natural smoke flavor infused in the cheese slices.

These slices are healthy options for containing natural vitamins and enzymes. You can rely on them completely because it is 100% natural and made with real milk free of antibiotics and growth hormones.

You can use them with every type of sandwich, whether hot or cold. Besides, they also work well for grilled cheeseburgers, pasta, provolone chicken meals, and smoky cheese fries. For executing different deli sandwich ideas, these cheese slices could be your perfect choice over anything.

Enjoy the authentic taste of Italian provolone with meat slices, pepperoni, and beef bacon paired with grilled smoky sandwiches. You will feel the smooth melting texture of the cheese slices giving a wonderful experience to your taste buds.

Because of using pasteurized milk, you will get a mild savory flavor of cheese which will nicely pair up with different types of meat patties and buns. Besides, the smoky flavor is not too strong to cover up the other flavors of the sandwich. The easy-to-lock packaging keeps them fresh for several days without ruining the taste.

Highlighted Features

  • No added preservatives and artificial flavors
  • The amazing smoky flavor goes with almost every dish
  • It can be stored in the refrigerator for several days
  • Gives a soft and creamy texture after melting
  • Provides a rich flavor of Italian provolone
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3. Horizon Organic American Singles

Horizon Organic American Singles

Among a bunch of varieties of sandwich cheese, you can choose the Horizon cheese singles as one of the best organic options for a healthy and nutritious meal. These are made with pure pasteurized and organic milk loaded with calcium and microbial enzymes.

The organic range of Horizon American cheese is way too popular among health-conscious people as they offer you pure organic cheese without any preservatives and artificial flavors. You can follow quick and easy sandwich recipes and enjoy a wholesome meal with these cheese slices.

Thin cheese slices are convenient to use in different sandwiches, burgers, and other dishes. Each slice is individually wrapped inside the packet so that you can carry single pieces while eating outdoors.

The flavor and texture of each slice enhance the taste of every type of sandwich, whether hot or cold. Also, the salty and creamy taste of American cheese is not too strong to dominate over the other flavors.

So, whether you prepare a classic cheeseburger or a smoked deli chicken sandwich, it offers you a mild taste that combines well with all other flavors.

Generally, people prefer cheddar and Swiss for cheese-loaded sandwiches and burgers. But this organic American cheese can surely steal the show with the amazing taste and creamy texture.

Highlighted Features

  • Pure organic cheese slice made with non-fat milk
  • Provides you nutrients for an energy-packed meal
  • Convenient slices are easy to carry
  • Suitable for both hot and cold sandwiches
  • Gives you a premium mix of different flavors
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4. 365 by Whole Foods Market Swiss Cheese Slices

 365 by Whole Foods Market Swiss Cheese Slices

There aren’t too many cheeses that are free from artificial flavors and growth hormones. If you want real Swiss cheese made with pure pasteurized milk, you can try the cheese slices of 365 by Whole Foods market. This one is quite a popular cheese for sandwiches from a budget perspective.

Besides, 365 by Whole Foods Market has passed all the food security and safety standards, which makes them a reliable brand for supplying different types of cheese for sandwiches. So, you can make your own deli sandwiches without worrying about any harmful ingredients.

You will get a bunch of nutrients like calcium, sodium, essential microbial enzymes, and some vitamins from this cheese for a nutritious meal. These Swiss cheese slices are definitely worthy of having all your attention. They are free of preservatives and loaded with various nutrients which are beneficial to your health.

After preparing sandwiches with the cheese slices, you need to heat them up for a couple of minutes in the microwave, and they are ready for serving. You can use them in various types of foods, including burgers, pasta, steak, and other meat dishes.

These slices melt quickly in seconds, and you will experience the creamy cheese combined with all other ingredients without overpowering the savory flavor.

Highlighted Features

  • Authentic Swiss cheese with rich and creamy flavor
  • Free of artificial flavors and growth hormones
  • Loaded with proteins and minerals
  • Gives a soft and creamy texture after melting
  • The mild savory taste is perfect to go with every dish
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5. Happy Belly Singles

Happy Belly Singles

You might have tried cheese of several types, brands, and flavors but still not found the best one that fulfills all your requirements regarding cheeses for deli sandwiches. But there is nothing to worry about because we have got the perfect organic cheese for you.

These cheese slices contain real milk without any growth hormones and added flavors. So, they are completely safe for your health and also provide you with some necessary nutritious elements like vitamins, calcium, sodium, microbial enzymes, and essential proteins.

These are perfect cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches as the grilled slice creates a mild smoky flavor. Besides, you can use them with fries, nachos, and steak patties to add a creamy and buttery texture to the dishes.

The cheese slices will not lose their texture if stored for a few days because each of them is separated by a packaging layer for long shelf life. If you heat the sandwich for a minute, the cheese slice will melt in just seconds.

In case you want your sandwich bread a bit crispy, heat the bread, cheese slice, and the meat patty separately. It will prevent the bread from absorbing extra moisture from the patty.

Highlighted Features

  • It can be stored in the refrigerator for several days
  • Separate packaging helps to carry each slice conveniently
  • Easily melts if heated for a few seconds
  • Gives a mild savory taste with a bit of sweetness
  • Made with pure pasteurized milk with real flavors
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6. BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella Snacking Cheese

BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella Snacking Cheese

Last but not least, we have a perfect snacking cheese, which can be a cherry on top of your evening and midnight snacks.

Made with fresh milk and other high-quality ingredients, this snacking cheese could be a perfect solution for your daily protein and calcium needs. You can have them with sandwiches, pasta, salad, nachos, and almost every meal preparation.

As the cheese pack consists of convenient portions, you can have them separately and also carry them as a quick protein-boost snack. If you prepare ready-to-go meals, this snacking cheese is more than perfect as it is suitable for both hot and cold deli sandwiches.

Generally, people are more into cheddar cheese for use in fast foods and ready-made meals. But the snacking cheese of BelGioioso will definitely make you switch to these mozzarella balls as they give you a soft and creamy flavor with the richness of fresh milk.

These are glutton-free vegetarian cheese balls loaded with different enzymes that will ensure you a wholesome meal every day. Whether going to work or packing your child’s lunch box, these can be your family’s ultimate source of daily nutrients.

Enjoy the rich texture of pure mozzarella cheese and indulge in a whole experience of the delicacy of flavors.

Highlighted Features

  • Medium-sized portions are perfect for using in snacks
  • Provides you with a bunch of beneficial nutrients
  • Soft and creamy texture adds a buttery flavor
  • It can be used in both hot and cold snacks
  • Melts just in a few seconds
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Comparison Table Of Cheese for Deli Sandwiches





Kraft Singles


Slice cheese

Pasteurized milk with natural preservatives and flavors

Sargento Provolone


Slice Cheese

Pure milk with smokey flavor

Horizon Organic


Slice cheese

Pasteurized, organic, and non-fat milk

365 by Whole Foods Market


Slice cheese

Cultured pasteurized milk and microbial enzymes

Happy Belly Singles


Slice cheese

Organic milk

BelGioioso Fresh Snacking Cheese


Medium-sized portions

Pasteurized milk with natural enzymes

Things to Consider Before Buying Cheese for Deli Sandwiches

There are hundreds of cheese variations, and which one to use depends on several factors, including the texture, portions, and taste of the cheese. Some major considerable factors are described here for your buying convenience.


The first thing you should notice while buying cheese is the list of ingredients. Generally, you will find different types of cheese made of pasteurized milk, plant-based non-fat milk, and organic milk. You should definitely buy the one that suits your milk preferences and health concerns.

It is better to choose cheeses that contain microbial enzymes as they are greatly beneficial to our health.

Flavors and Preservatives

Try to avoid every type of cheese that contains artificial flavors and preservatives. These elements can increase the taste and make the cheese last longer. But in the long run, you might experience mild to serious health issues because of them.

Always buy such cheese that is made of real milk and natural flavors, providing you with the necessary nutrients for your body.


As deli sandwiches are ready-to-go meals, you have to prepare them previously. But if the cheese doesn’t melt easily, it will not combine with the other ingredients of the sandwich and will taste like nothing more than a dry sandwich with chunks of half-melt cheese.


Smooth-textured cheeses are always preferable among people because they create a creamy and soft texture to the sandwich when heated up.

Whether you choose mozzarella, cheddar, or American, don’t go for the ones which offer a grainy texture. Because these are not soft and creamy, that texture will feel a bit like sand.


Generally, every type of cheese is meant to be salty and savory, but sometimes it can ruin the taste if the flavor is too strong.

In this case, the saltiness often overpowers the other flavors of the sandwich. Always choose cheeses with mild flavors before buying deli sandwiches because they will combine well with the other ingredients.

Packaging and Shelf Life

If you are buying cheese slices, make sure each slice is wrapped separately. Otherwise, they can get stuck with each other and be difficult while separating. Generally, cheeses are instructed to be used within 3-5 days after opening. Check if your desired cheese has a good shelf life.

Types of Cheese for Sandwiches

Generally, you will find a bunch of different cheeses that go well with certain food preparations. For making things easier, the most commonly used cheeses for sandwiches are stated below –


You have probably heard of American as the creamiest cheese that goes well with every type of sandwich made with eggs and meat patties. It can be of two types – white and yellow. Both of them melt quickly when heated up.


If you are making cheesesteaks or grilled cheese sandwiches, the provolone cheese will be the star of the dish with its creamy and firm texture loaded with amazing flavors.

After every bite, it will melt inside your mouth with a bunch of different flavors. It will surely bring the taste of Italian cuisines to your every food preparation.

Pepper Jack

This cheese is most popular for providing a bunch of flavors to any of your meals. The pepper jack cheese can make any sandwich better with the flavorful twist that heats up your taste buds with a wholesome experience.


It is the most common type of cheese used for making sandwiches and burgers. Whether grilled cheese sandwich or the smoky one, cheddar is something that goes well with every food preparation. It is a bit drier than other cheeses but can combine well with different flavors.


A good-quality Swiss cheese adds a mild flavor to sandwiches providing a firm and creamy texture. But if you go for cheaper ones, they will melt too quickly, making your sandwich oily and soggy.

Blue Cheese

Generally, blue and feta are preferable for salads, pasta, and chowmein because they are not so creamy to flow down through sandwich bread. But if you use them in sandwiches combined with other cheeses, they can add some exciting flavors to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to store cheese for making deli sandwiches?

Generally, cheese remains well for 3-5 days if stored in the refrigerator. You can prepare sandwiches with them and keep them wrapped with deli papers for a couple of days.

2. How long does it take to melt cheese?

Swiss, American, and provolone cheese melt in the microwave in just a few seconds. Cheddar and blue cheese take 1-2 minutes to meltdown completely.

3. Why do cheeses contain salt?

Salt works as a catalyst for the dewatering process of cheese stacks. It helps to grow different microorganisms and bacteria, which are essential for producing cheese.

4. Are cheese sandwiches good for your health?

Cheese contains different minerals and enzymes that are essential for our health. But if you are using them in grilled sandwiches, they might provide high calories, sodium, and fat which is not a healthy option for us.

5. Does cheese remain well at room temperature?

Usually, you can keep any type of cheese for 6 to 8 hours at room temperature. But soft cheeses are more sensitive as they don’t remain well at room temperature for more than 4 hours.

Final Words

You will find tons of options regarding cheeses for deli sandwiches. But we have chosen the best ones and stated all the specifications above so that things get a bit easier for you. So, have you got your confusion cleared about cheeses for deli sandwiches?

Hope this article will be your go-to guide for choosing the best cheese for deli sandwiches. Follow the specific instructions with every type of cheese for preparation and store them using the proper methods so that they remain well for a longer time.

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