Best Canned Cherry Pie Filling

7 Best Canned Cherry Pie Filling Reviews | Buying Guide 2022

Cherry is probably the hardest flavor of pie filling to prepare. Their finicky nature demands careful attention and a skilled hand. So, there’s no shame in picking out a canned cherry filling to reduce room for mistakes. But the question is, what is the best canned cherry pie filling to use?

Canned pie fillings, especially cherry-flavored, are hard to find. The handful of labels that do produce quality, well-prepared, and delicious cherry pie fillings are rare to come across.

To save you from the hassle of wasting time and money on a poorly made pie filling, we’ve made a list of the top 7 canned cherry pie fillings.

Our research team has thoroughly studied all the brands for canned pie fillings available on the market right now and put them to the test. The following products were all compared according to quality, freshness, taste, nutritional value, and more. Here’s what we’ve got –

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Oregon Cherries Red Tart for Pie

Duncan Hines Comstock Original Pie Filling

Amish Buggy Pie Filling No Sugar Added Cherry

 SOLO Filling Cherry

Red Hills Fruit Company Pie Filling

Benefits of Using Canned Cherry Pie Filling

Not only is cherry pie filling absolutely delicious, but it also has benefits that can significantly enhance flavors. It’s also known to be spectacular for your health, given that the filling is made from freshly harvested cherries.

Canned cherry pie filling has the following benefits –

High Nutritional Value

The manufacturers of canned cherries harvest the fruit once they’re ripe and have them prepared in strict environments to ensure fresh filling can be made. By canning the fruits within four hours, the cherries lock in all the nutrients for a healthy slice of delectable pie.


During the canning process, little to no preservatives are used. This ensures the product is as natural as possible, which helps to keep your health in control.


Canned cherry pie filling saves you a lot of time and effort. It’s easy to use and often comes with instructions for preparation from the manufacturers. So, if you’re busy often, canned cherries are one of the low-effort ways you can prepare something healthy and flavorful for yourself or the family.

Plus, you don’t even have to make a run to the grocery store to pick up cherries.

Sustainable and Accessible

As you might already know, the homemade cherry filling cannot be stored or refrigerated for a long time. But with canned cherries, you can easily put it away for months without having to worry about it losing shelf life.

Moreover, canned cherries are easily available any time of the year, so you don’t really need to worry about the season or availability when making your favorite cherry pie recipe.

7 Best Canned Cherry Pie Filling Reviews

We get it; homemade cherry pie filling is a pain in the back to make, so a canned option is much better to get you closer to that mouth-watering pie with minimal effort. Aside from ease of use, we’ve also made sure our picks are affordable without compensating for quality.

1. Oregon Cherries Red Tart for Pie

Oregon Cherries Red Tart for Pie

Oregon is one of the best products on this list. This is one of the few labels that solely contain natural ingredients and are honest in harvesting. Before being canned, the ripe cherries are handpicked from well-kept farms.

Dating back to 1935, Oregon has been perfecting its cherries for decades. Each can of filling is enough to make 2-3 pies.

Packed in water to hold juiciness, the cherries are whole pitted and sweet without any tastes of artificial flavorings. This makes them great for making fresh cherry pie, fruit salad, tart, cheesecake, etc.

For health nuts, this is a fairly good pick for canned cherries for pie compared to the ones you find at your local grocery store. Both the pitted cherries and water contain zero additional ingredients or preservatives.

Also, no extra sugar is present, so you can add as much sweeteners or sugar as you prefer. Pies with a sugar-free filling such as this one reduce your calorie intake and help you stay in shape while also enjoying a baked delicacy.

The flavors of the cherry filling Oregon produce are incomparable. It allows you to try out new ingredients while baking, which other canned fillings don’t due to their added sweeteners. Not to mention, it can turn any fresh cherry pie recipe into its most delectable form while also taking heed of your well-being.

If you’re a newbie to baking pies, Oregon offers a handy recipe on the back of the can that is also available online.

Highlighted Features

  • Screened and picked with care
  • Recipe perfected since 1935
  • Suitable for various cherry pie recipes and desserts
  • No artificial flavorings or color used
  • All-natural with no preservatives or harmful chemicals
  • Additional sweeteners or sugar not included
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2. Duncan Hines Comstock Original Pie Filling, Country Cherry

 Duncan Hines Comstock Original Pie Filling

To emulate the homemade taste, Duncan Hines Comstock provides canned cherries that are well-kept and freshly harvested. It carries a sweet and decadent flavor, making it suitable for toppings, cheesecakes, pies, and other desserts.

Duncan Hines has been producing quality pie fillings for over 5 decades, bringing delicious pies to every tabletop around the world. Because of their expertise in picking and preparing cherries, their pie filling has been used in generations of recipes. So, you can rest assured that you’ll be in for a treat.

With up to 21 ounces of full and ripe cherries, you can let your ideas run free in the kitchen and make a variety of baked delicacies. It has a sweeter taste compared to most fresh cherry pie fillings and is thicker inconsistency. So, if you have a sweet tooth, this one’s for you.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to avoid the sugary taste, simply add some cinnamon and lemon, tangerines, or oranges to your cherry pie filling. This will cut down the sweetness of the cherries and add a citrusy flavor to your pie.

Once it’s fully baked, the flavors come to life, as well as the color and texture. The consistency is perfect for pies, as it’s neither runny nor goopy. It holds the crust without making it soggy, making every bite enjoyable.

Because of its slightly sweeter side, it makes a great topping for ice cream, waffles, deep dish cookies, brownies, and even muffins.

Highlighted Features

  • Convenient for almost all desserts
  • The canning process is supervised by many experts
  • Rich consistency, so no additional ingredients are required
  • Makes the finest textured desserts without softening the crust
  • Sweet and flavorful, great as a topping
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3. Amish Buggy Pie Filling No Sugar Added Cherry

Amish Buggy Pie Filling No Sugar Added Cherry

This relatively underground label is slowly rising to fame all because of its delectable pie fillings. The sugar-free cherry pie filling from Amish Buggy is handmade with natural ingredients, making it one of the healthiest options on our list.

Most canned food, especially pie filling, has large amounts of sugar that bring up the calorie count too high numbers. But this one contains significantly low calories per serving count, with a mere 50 cal.

If you’re trying to cut down on sugary treats, this pie filling is a great way to do so without having to give up delicious cherry pies.

The pie filling also contains grape juice concentrate and almond flavoring alongside its packed cherries. Put together; these two bring about a distinct and honey-like taste. Plus, the almond flavoring itself eliminates the slight bitterness of the cherries, making the filling completely sweet.

Grape juice and cherries already add a lot to the filling’s sweetness. But, there are no added plain or processed sugars that cause a “sickly sweet” taste. Unlike most store-bought fillings, this one isn’t thick and goopy. The consistency is smooth and is easy to pour into a premade pie crust.

However, the only downside to this cherry pie filling with canned cherries is that it is heavily packed with fruits. The water is crowded with cherries that can be clumpy for some people, but it’s an easy fix. We suggest heating up the filling slightly then mashing down the cherries with a fork to smoothen the texture.

Highlighted Features

  • Homemade with natural ingredients
  • Contains low sugar content (from grape juice)
  • Very low calories per serving
  • For enhanced taste, grape juice and almond flavors are added
  • Smooth and clump-free consistency
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4. SOLO Filling Cherry

SOLO Filling Cherry

With over 97 years of practice under their belt, Solo Foods is quickly becoming every pie lover’s favorite filling label. Up to five generations worth of skilled craftsmanship, this brand has outdone itself for decades with its delicious fruit pie fillings.

Out of all, their cherry pie filling is what consumers have praised the most.

From our survey of consumer reviews, not a single person has given this filling a bad rating. Most people use this filling for Polish desserts, especially Kolacky. Since these pastries are a bit finicky compared to regular baked goods, Solo’s cherry pie filling makes the process much easier.

You can also use these canned cherries for cheesecake, waffle, tart, fruit salads, and of course, pie. The consistency is thick and slightly chunky, resembling jam. This is because of the cherries that have been mashed into a pulp-like texture. Due to this, it’s a great topping for many desserts.

When making baked goods, you can clearly notice the differences in taste before and after the filling is in the oven. On desserts without using heat, the filling is sweet and carries the taste of cherry marmalade. But after it’s been baked in a pie, the color darkens, and the sweetness intensifies slightly, bringing out a rich flavor.

The only aspect we dislike about this filling is its texture. As we’ve mentioned, it’s very thick and almost resembles a spread. While this makes it much better to stick onto a pie crust, it will most likely make a mess and give off a chewy feel while eating.

Highlighted Features

  • Thick consistency, sits into the crust without seeping out
  • Widely used for polished desserts
  • Suitable for other desserts such as tarts, muffins, and cheesecakes
  • Luscious with smooth consistency and bits of cherry
  • Great for toppings because of its jam-like texture
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5. Red Hills Fruit Company Pie Filling

Red Hills Fruit Company Pie Filling

Originated in Oregon, Red Hills Fruit Company has been bringing the taste of freshly home-baked goods to every home for years. This label takes pride in its authenticity and workmanship – having all their canned fruit vine and tree-ripened to ensure natural flavors are well-preserved.

We’re not joking when we say this pie filling is a hundred percent natural. Red Hills Fruit Company always produces homemade cherry pie fillings that contain no added ingredients. This means zero preservatives or corn syrup that’s high in fructose. Plus, they’re gluten-free for a healthy gut.

Even the sugar is extracted from canes and mixed by hand into the filling. After the filling is done, it is individually hand-packaged into fully recyclable jars. This makes it by far the best option for sustainable canned cherries with natural ingredients.

With a single jar of this pie filling, you can easily make a 9-inch pie. The filling sits perfectly into the crust without drying up or making the crust soggy. Unlike store-bought cherry pie filling, this one turns to a deep maroon color after baking – proving that the cherries are truly fresh.

However, it is a bit runny. Since there are no added ingredients, there isn’t anything to thicken the texture of the filling. Which in turn makes it slightly pour out while slicing the pie. But, a little cornstarch and a few minutes on the stove will fix this issue.

Highlighted Features

  • Emulates freshly homemade pie flavor
  • Natural flavors without added ingredients and artificial fruits
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Sugar extracted from canes, no processed sweeteners
  • Packaging is reusable and eco-friendly
  • Gluten-free recipe
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6. Gefen Sweet Pitted Dark Cherries

Gefen Sweet Pitted Dark Cherries

Another healthy alternative to store-bought cherry filling is Gefen’s Sweet Pitted Dark Cherries. Packed in water, Gefen uses handpicked cherries that are ripe and fresh. They contain various health benefits and are, most importantly, free of all preservatives.

To ensure a healthy and trouble-free gut, the filling is completely gluten-free. There’s also no corn syrup which is high in fructose.

While this may seem like a minor reduction, high fructose corn syrup actually causes rapid weight gain, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and more. So, you can rest assured these cherries will do no harm.

Additionally, the canned cherries are packed with a number of nutrients, including potassium, iron, calcium, protein, Vitamin D, fiber, and many antioxidants. With this filling, you get to enjoy the decadent taste of freshly baked cherry pie while also improving your health.

But, the taste seems to fall flat most of the time. According to our surveys, consumers complained that the sweetness of the cherries seemed to have faded once the pie was baked. The consistency resembles syrup, which doesn’t do a great job of holding up the crust properly.

Highlighted Features

  • Packed in water only, no additives
  • Fresh cherries, handpicked by professionals
  • No processed fat, gluten-free
  • Rich in nutrients such as potassium, calcium, fiber, etc.
  • Low in fructose and other sugars
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7. Great Value Cherry Pie Filling

Great Value Cherry Pie Filling

Last but not least is the cherry pie filling from Great Value. The brand definitely lives up to its name by offering super affordable consumable items. But don’t mistake their low prices for bad taste; great value always comes out on top for flavor.

The most notable aspect of this cherry pie filling is its consistency. Since it does have a few artificial thickeners, the texture of the filling is perfect for holding up the pie crust without slipping out the edges or sticking to the back of your tongue.

This also makes it great for a variety of dessert options, including pies, ice cream, fruit salads, puff pastries, oatmeal, cheesecakes, pancakes, cobblers, waffles, deep dish cookies, and more.

Aside from a few added ingredients, the filling is fairly healthy compared to most fruit pie fillings you find at your local grocery store. For instance, it is completely gluten-free with no trans fats, meaning it will help keep your gut health in check.

Despite these excellent qualities, Great Value’s cherry filling does fall short in some aspects. It is high in calories, rounding to about 90 cal per serving. Aside from potassium and iron, it has no other listed nutrients. Nonetheless, this is a great tasting filling, but just not as healthy as our other options.

Highlighted Features

  • Affordable and of better quality than other store-bought pie fillings
  • It can be used as both pie/tart/muffin filling or topping
  • Smooth texture containing no artificial thickeners
  • Perfect for a variety of classical desserts
  • Gluten-free with no trans fat
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Canned Cherry Pie Filling Comparison Chart for Weight Watchers


Doesn't Contain


Calories (Per Serving)

Oregon Cherries Red Tart for Pie

Artificial fruits, fats

Cherry, chocolate, blueberry, blackberry, boysenberry, raspberry, plum.


Duncan Hines Comstock Original Pie Filling

Artificial fruits, fats

Sugar and no added sugar


Amish Pie Filling Cherry

Added sugar

Sugar-free cherry


Solo Filling Cherry

Trans fats, saturated fats



Red Hills Fruit Company Pie Filling

Gluten, fats, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives

Tart cherry


Gefen Sweet Pitted Dark Cherries

Gluten, high fructose corn syrup

Pitted sweet cherries


Great Value Cherry Pie Filling

Fats, gluten

Cherry blueberry, strawberry, apple


How to Make Canned Cherry Pie Filling Taste Better

Although the listed canned cherry brands we have mentioned above are great on their own, adding a few ingredients can make your cherry pie filling taste even better. Here’s what our teammates and I have gathered just for you –

1. Sweeteners

Firstly, you need to know that canned cherries aren’t as sweet as any other canned fruits. So, you might want a few spoonfuls of white or brown sugar to subdue the tartness. Natural sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, or agave syrup would do just fine, then let it sit for the sweetness to distribute evenly.

2. Condensed Milk

Try adding some sweetened condensed milk, and we promise you won’t regret it. This will bring so much of a difference to your desserts. Sweetened condensed milk brings a creamy texture to your pie filling, making it melt in your mouth with every bite.

3. Spices

Using some dried spices and flavor extract enhances the taste of the cherry pie recipe. Add half a teaspoon of vanilla or almond extract and a tablespoon of lemon juice. This will complement the taste of the cherries. To give it an extra kick, sprinkle some clove, cinnamon, or any other spices you prefer.

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4. Fruits

If you find your canned cherries a little runny or syrupy, try thickening your pie filling by adding fruits of your choice. The complimentary fruits can give you a large variety of cherry pie filling with different tastes. You can add more cherries, types of berries, or other fruits such as apples or peaches.

Instead of using fruits, you can still increase the thickness by adding cornstarch. Make a slurry out of cornstarch and water with a little sugar. Keep adding the slurry to your cherries bit by bit and heat it to get the desired thickness you are looking for.

5. Sour Cream

Another way of making your pie filling fluffy, velvety, and creamy is to add sour cream. Half a cup of sour cream and two tablespoons of sugar will make your pie extra delicious, especially if you like tart pies. Folding your cherry pie filling in softened cream cheese will also give you a rich, flavourful taste.

6. Butter

When you scoop the cherry pie filling into the crust, place chunks of butter onto it so that the butter melts into the cherry pie filling while baking. Butter will make your freshly baked pie smell heavenly.

7. Ice Cream

Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a fresh cherry on top of your favorite pie. The cold ice cream and the warm pie make a great pair. Lastly, sprinkle icing sugar if you like to add a touch of sweetness and your decadent homemade cherry pie is ready to be dug into.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you make canned cherry pie filling taste better?

To achieve a better tasting filling, toss in a tablespoon of granulated sugar to get rid of any tartness. Natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, or corn syrup can be used as alternatives. Sweetened condensed milk and butter will give a creamy texture and better flavor.

2. How can you make canned cherry pie filling thick?

Whisk sugar and cornstarch into a bowl, then pour the juice and mix it well. Then cook it for about two minutes on a low flame until the canned cherry pie filling thickens.

3. What kind of cherries are in canned pie filling?

Canned pie filling is usually made with Montmorency tart cherries. These are perfect for any pie crust or other desserts.

4. Does pie filling need to be cooked?

Pre-cooking your pie filling will help you control its juiciness before baking, so there aren’t any surprises when baking. This will increase the prep time as you will actually need to cook and let it cool at the same time.

5. How long is cherry pie filling good for?

Cherry pie filling stays good for about two weeks, but you can refrigerate it in a glass or a plastic container to maximize shelf life.


After all that has been said, we’d like to reiterate that the best canned cherry pie filling isn’t about which one’s at the top of the list, but the one which you enjoy the most. All the products we’ve listed are significantly tastier and healthier in comparison to locally bought ones, but their flavor is subjective.

We hope we’ve helped you find the best cherry pie filling for your baked delicacy. If you’re having trouble balancing the flavors, check out our How to Make Canned Cherry Pie Filling Taste Better section to learn a few tips to enhance the taste of any pie.

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