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Steps to Make the Perfect Cheesecake

Savouring a cheesecake is a blissful experience. Its preparation too is equally pleasant. When the whole process is broken down into smaller steps, you can successfully make the most decadent cheesecake there is. Here are the steps to the no-fail cheesecake.

Key ingredients to prepare the cheesecake

Cream Cheese: Choose the full-fat version. Don’t go easy on this.
Sour Cream: If you have heavy cream, even that will do. Soften the texture of the cheese with this ingredient. Also, it makes the cake moist. Upon adding sour cream, there is a distinct tangy taste that makes the taste further delicious.

Eggs: To hold all the ingredients together, three eggs are important. You may also add the egg yolk for the velvety texture. If you prefer your cake light and airy, skip on the yellow and use the whites.

The best cream cheese to use

The quality of the cream cheese decides how lush and silky your cheesecake would turn out to be. You don’t have to buy the most expensive sort of cheese. Even a local brand would do.


To prevent the cake from cracking, your best bet is to add starch to the batter. It keeps the whole structure of the cake firm.

Steps to make the cake

Steps to make the cake

To make a smooth and creamy cake, use a water bath to cook. Merely set the cheesecake in a baking dish and fill it with some water. To prevent the water from seeping through the cracks, wrap the pan
Ensure that you chill the cheesecake, to achieve the custardy and mushy texture. Post chilling, it will magically transform into a velvety and luxurious texture.
Don’t let a few cracks bother you. If it happens that you find some, you didn’t fail in your creation. It is just that there was some problem with the cooking time.

Even the size of the pan matters. Changing the height of the cheesecake can be done by the size of the pan. If the water seeps into the pan, then the cake might turn soggy. These are a few pointers to remember when making a cheesecake. Either way, we are sure that the taste of your cheesecake will turn out great.


In conclusion

Armed with all this knowledge, you can fearlessly approach making the best cheesecake. When you practice more, you will get closer to perfecting it. Though there is a high potential for error, ensure that you follow these pointers to bake the best cake.

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